Sunday, October 15, 2006

What a day .....

What a day! Today is Sunday and it is Hershey's last full day with me before he goes back to Virginia and his house with hard floors. (He loves my fluffy carpet. He keeps rolling around on my floors!) I just wanted to play zoomies with him and chase him around the living room but we didn't get to it. First of all Hershey isn't in the mood for it much because his Mom isn't here for him to show off for. Then this morning we had to go in the kitchen while Mom and Dad went to church and we can't really zoom in there very well, certainly not when there is no one around to watch us. So, we took a nap instead in my new soft bed. It was a little crowded.

Then, we had to spend some time outside because it was a pretty day. I like it outside when it is a pretty day. Hershey and I barked at some people that had the audacity to walk past my house. Then Mom had to take our picture ... again. The sun was in our eyes so we didn't cooperate very well.

Then we had to keep Nixon inside the house. He keeps trying to escape. Here is a picture of him at the front door. Earlier, I returned his spy ID card to him and told him we were wise to his plan but here he is trying to escape again.

Here is one of me keeping guard over him. "No, Nixon ... you can't come out here. Only us dogs are allowed out here."

It's been a lot of work but it has been fun having Hershey here. I wish he did not live so far away. He is my best freind. I hope he comes down again soon or get to go visit him soon.


Anonymous said...

You've done a great job keeping Nixon in line. Who knows what he will get up to when he goes back home with Hershey though. You'll have to talk your Mom into visiting so you can check the situation out. It's up to you to keep us safe from the Nixon's of this world!!!

Sunshade said...

Hey Copper, you guys sure look GREAT together!! I'm sorry I missed this, but why is Hershey and Nixon staying with you guys? and are you and Hershey brothers??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

IndyPindy said...

You guys are so cute together. I'm sorry you don't live near each other now.

JustMeCopper said...

Miss Sunshade,

No, Hershey and I are not brothers. My human Mom is Hershey's human Mom's Mom .. get it? Hershey and his family live in Virginia and I live in Georgia. Hershey used to live in Gerogia but his Daddy's job took him to Virginia.

Does your Mom call you "Sunshade" or "Miss Sunshade"? I've been meaning to ask you.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey Copper, I understand now!! So you are actually Hershey's uncle since you mom is Hershey's mom's mom, which makes Hershey's mom your sister, and Hershey being her son, that makes you Hershey's uncle. Am I right?

My mum calls me Sunshade most of the time, but she calls me MISS Sunshade when I'm bad.....

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade