Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nixon the spy escapes to rendevous and I am a HERO!

News update ..... Saturday 10/14/06 ...

I have more evidence that Nixon is a spy! Today he escaped to rendevous with his spy contact! Yes, while my Mom was away and Dad was here with us, Nixon escaped from the house and went on a mission. I was a HERO and found him! Yes! It's true!

Dad noticed I was barking outside like he had never heard me bark. He wondered what was up so he thought about it and wondered if Nixon was out again. He had escaped for just a second last night as Mom and Dad came in from having salad pizza. He searched the house and could not find Nixon. So, he put me on a leash and took me outside and give me instructions to "FIND NIXON!" I searched the garage, and caught his scent and led Dad around the back of the house, under the deck to the side where the big bush is. I have never been over there before but I had smelled Nixon and I was on a mission! I saw him lurking under the big bush and I barked at him. I told him "Get back in the house! Even though you are a spy, your Mom and Dad will be mad if you get lost outside! You are an inside cat and you aren't allowed outside! We are babysitting you and those are the rules! " Just then, he jumped back in the yard and ran inside my dog house. I ran inside the dog house and blocked him in so that Dad could catch him. Dad came around and reached inside the dog house and caught him! Then he put Nixon back in the house and he gave me a COOKIE! He said I was a HERO!

Hershey did not help me at all. He did not even know Nixon was missing!

Sorry I have no pictures. It was too exciting and besides ... Mom wasn't home to take pictures.


The Army of Four said...

The cat's gotta be worth something if you got a COOKIE out of the whole deal! Great job!

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

I bet since Nixon sent outside, he is a spy for the Evil Skweril Empire! It looks like you got to him before he could report in. You saved the day! A true hero.


Maximillian the Valliant said...

Awesome search and rescue Copper! I'll bet your Dad didn't know he had such an amazing S/R dog.

Well I would advice you to discipline Nixon properly, but my Mom frowns on me manhandling the I assume you'd be in trouble too.


Anonymous said...

Now everyone knows that the BEST things come in little packages like us! You are my hero!!!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely MY hero Cooper--thank goodness you don't have to depend on Hershey for making sure Nixon doesn't get any real spying done.


Günter said...

Great job Cooper!! You are my absolute hero as well!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I called you Cooper, Copper--my person doesn't tepy very wlel


Shmoo said...

ok, so you herded the cat and got a cookie, may I suggest you hide the cat more often and up the ante on the reward?

Especially if Nixon is a spy, if you keep the cat locked up somewhere, not only can't the cat report on your activities, but you'll also get a reward for showing the humans where you've locked it up at.

(personally, kitties are best left shredded)

Hana said...

Copper, you are my absolute Hero! Maybe we should become long distance boyfriend/girlfriend.

Sunshade said...

Wow you are a hero!! Hershey must have been happy to have Nixon back, or....did he plan the escape?? Good boy Copper!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade