Thursday, March 06, 2008

Kansas ... Day 8 ...

Hi friends.... Copper here. Hana and Mona and I are in Kansas.

Hana is driving us in her red car. She is a great driver and her car is very comfortable. I love car rides! Mona is so resourceful. Not only did she bring sweaters and socks and snowshoes for herself, she brought some for Hana and I too. Then, on top of that, she brought quarters for Hana's car. Isn't that wonderful? So far we've used 7 quarters to get from California to Kansas ... or $1.75. Is that good milage? I don't know.

Kansas is very flat and there aren't very many trees. It is a good thing I tinkle like a girl because there are no trees to lift my leg on like in California. I hear that they have tornadoes here. We did not see any tornadoes but we did see some clouds like this. I hope it doesn't rain because Hana's car doesn't have a top like my car at home.

I am starting to miss my Mom a little. I hope she misses me. Bye from Kansas. Tomorrow, we may get to Meeshka's house.


♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...


When we crossed the state line into Kansas, I remembered what Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz said
"There's no place like Home" Sniff, Sob, Sniff..I miss The Mommy & my Mona Lisa, just like I know you and Hana miss your Mommies. I was studying the map and see that Kansas City is more than half way across the USA from Houston. I left Mona Lisa with the Mommy because I didn't want her to get hurt on the trip and so the Mommy would have company. Now I miss them both.

But we gotta keep going...cause Hershey is important but can we "phone home" before we leave again...we gotta call collect though cause I left the Mommy cell phone at home.

See you & Hana in the morning..I'm going to sleep now & dream about the Mommy & Mona Lisa........Mona

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

I just posted on my blog about our great adventure. I hope you don't mind but I wanted everybody to know about for Great Adventure & see some polar bears we might meet. Maybe we could pick up some volunteers to go with us.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh Kansas sure is all grass.. Will you be driving pass Singapore to visit me?

~ Girl girl

Shmoo said...

Um... You'll have to turn around and drive away from the North Pole to get to my house Copper... I'm in Merryland.

I would love to join you in your adventure, but that would mean I would have to get off my cool air vent and everything.


Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Hey Copper,

If you're going to see Meeshka that should bring you through my fair state. Drop by and we'll show you some woolies--also, our neighbor is a dachsie--maybe you could bark dachsie stuff with her (she's kind of old and cranky, though).

Can't wait 'til you find Hershey--we've been missing him.

Pip and the gang

Putz said...

oooh toto, i don't think we are in kansas, did you see that black tornado

Lady Kaos said...

That's great lileage! Mom says she needs to get a car that runs on quarters!!
Hope you find Hershey soon so you can get home to your Mom.

Hana said...

Thank dogness Mona found us some quarters and $1.75 took us all the way to Kansas! Do we have enough quarters to get to Meeshka's? Are we going to pick up Toto, too? JB would like to come with us on our trip. What do ya think? Do we have enough room? I think we need more vehicles. Maybe Girl Girl could help us out. She's got a lot of vehicles.

I am a good driver. We gotta try not to stop so much to tinkle. It's bad for gas mileage. Did anyone bring any peepee pads?

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

We are glad you didn't see any tornados! Those things are scary and make lots of noise. They also throw things around and those things land on top of the house.

We sure wish we could have come along. We miss Hershey.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy