Sunday, March 16, 2008

at last, the North Pole ......Day 12

Boy am I glad that balloon ride is OVER! Note to dog friends ... (and cat friends) ... balloons are not for pets. You can't go poddy in them and they can break so you have to be really careful with your claws. Gheesh, I am glad that is over!

We arrived safely at Zach's house.

He lives in North Pole, Alaska. We knew we were at Zach's house because we saw these pretty lights in the sky from the balloon.

The lights in the sky were nice because they gave us some light to read our map

and they helped Mona not be so afraid of the dark. Zach took us straight to his house where we met Chani and his baby friend.

Zach treated us to some mammoth bones and some ice water .... (they have a lot of ice there!) The baby reminded me to tell Zach that we were looking for my best friend Hershey because he has a baby too and she needs him to come home and take care of her. Hershey lives far away from me now and I almost never get to see him AND he has not blogged in a long time. I told Zach that I had seen a picture of Hershey with an elf hat on his head and I had figured out that he MUST be at the North Pole in elf training! The North Pole is the only place I know that has elves.

Well, as it turns out Zach knows all about the North Pole. He knew exactly where the North Pole was and said he could take us there! Imagine that! I asked him if we had to pull a sled because of the snow and he laughed at us! He told us his mother could drive us there in her car! All that worrying about sleds and deep snow was for NOTHING! So we all jumped in Zach's Mom's SUV and off we went. His Mom was so very nice ... I think her name was Glinda. She let me sit in the front with her and Zach while Hana, Mona and JB sat in the back. We drove and drove and drove. We saw lots of things along the way. We saw a funny white rabbit

and a pretty red fox.

We saw a big tall animal with antlers that Zach called a moose

and we saw a big brown bear.

We DID NOT see any POLAR BEARS!! Once again ... a lot of worrying for NOTHING!! The big brown bear didn't even look our way and he didn't look scary at all. In fact, he looked very nice. Zach told me he eats fish ...... not black and tan long haired dachshunds.... or any dogs or cats.

A little more driving and we came to a big giant red and white striped pole.

There at the bottom of the pole was my best friend Hershey!!! Yes ... Hershey WAS at the North Pole!!!! He didn't have the elf hat on. He wasn't in elf training after all. He told me he had just run away from home because his mother tried a funny hat on him when it didn't fit the baby. When he saw that Hana and Mona and JB and I had gone on an adventure to search for him, he was very touched. He barked a "Thank You Bark" and wagged his tail. He told us that he had decided he missed his Mom and Dad and his cat brother Nixon and most of all his baby .... and he wanted to go HOME! But how could he get home? He had been at the North Pole for days and now all he wanted was to go HOME!!! Poor Hershey. I wonder how we can get him home????


Anonymous said...

My Mom, Glinda, had a blast driving us around - she thinks you're great! I caught her asking Dad if you could live with us so you better skeedaddle out of here with everyone else before she gets any funny ideas.

Rudolph said he'd fly you all home since he's not busy right now.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper!
Finally you found him!
Sure he was happy to see you all! I have the same question... how you are going to get home?? Are you going to follow the same route?
I am thinking that the adventure is not over yet!
Kisses and hugs

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Finally...we found Hershey thanks to Zach & his Mommy. All that worrying about getting ate by polar bears was for nothing, thank his dogness.Me really got kinda scared and was very homesick. Hershey hasn't changed a bit and me be so glad he wants to go home to his baby.

Me sure hope Rudolph can fly us home...I wanna get back to Texas where it is warm.

We have had such a Great Adventure and it will be a trip to remember always.I have made the bestest friends & i wouldn't have messed it for nothing. I gots one more quarter, so me gonna call the Mommy now & tell her me be home soon.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Can you imagine how SUPER excited I was sitting in the back seat of the SUV, getting to see all these animals? I wish I had brought my mom's camera.....
I am glad we found it was all worth it! And we got to meet Zach and him mom too!

Hana said...

I am so glad Hershey was okay and that Santa didn't have Hershey in one of those labor camps. Zach's Mom, Glinda, had a nice SUV, but what's with the seatbelt? I'm not used to wearing seatbelts. But, it's good we had them on when the red fox crossed the road unexpected so we didn't go flying around in the SUV!

I hope Rudolph can give us a lift back home... I'm dog tired and want the comforts of my dog house again. There's no place like home, ya know?

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Maybe you can all click your heels together and say "there's no place like home". We heard it worked for some girl named Dorothy. If not, we hope Rudolph has enough time to fly all over the USA to deliver everyone.

We bet Hershey's mom will be glad to see him again and won't put anymore embarrassing hats on him.

We are so glad Hershey is okay. He is lucky to have such good friends!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy