Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Crate saga .... story number 37 .....

My Mom wishes she had something else to blog about. Chocolate, doorbells, stinky balls, balloons ....... something ... anything but another crate story.

All of you have told me how much you love your crates. Several of you told my Mom she had not tried one thing long enough. Dr Cindy called to check on the situation the other day and she also encouraged my Mom to keep trying. Because Dr Cindy and Mom were afraid I would break a tooth on the metal crate, Dr Cindy loaned me a plastic one to try. It smelled very doggie because it was one of her dog's crates. I was very interested in it. Mom and I played games in it with treats. Mom gave me a blanket and chew toys and a bone and a Kong with peanut butter. I chewed on it a little the first day, but just a little bit. Today I chewed some more and now I have a small escape hole started. Tomorrow, I should be able to get it big enough to get my head stuck in and hurt myself so Mom and Dr Cindy have decided not to try it tomorow.

Back to square one ..... tinkling on the blankets and tearing up the kitchen.

Oh, and did I mention that I can walk the crate across the kitchen about 2 feet? See the rubber mat under the crate? ....Yeah, it didn't stop me.

Did I also mention that I laid down in the crate while Mom and Dad ate dinner? Mom can't figure me out either.


Hana said...

Copper, you are one determined doggie! You are unstoppable! How the heck did you move the crate so far?

Tinkling on blankets isn't so bad maybe.

Any dogs you know that you could spend the day with while your parents are at work? Doggie videos you could watch during the day?

Anonymous said...

Copper, you gotta stop givin' your momma such a hard time!

Anonymous said...

Can't say I blame you .. I don't like being left in a crate all day either. Maybe a big exercise pen and a blanket to tinkle on is the answer. Like Isabella said, just get a supply of baby blankets and do an extra load of laundry. It's too bad you're having such a hard time with the crate training.

IndyPindy said...

Hi Copper,
Please ask your mom to email our rescue's behavior team at It doesn't matter that you're not a Husky. One of our volunteers is a certified animal behaviorist, and we have several volunteers who are experienced with separation anxiety. We would love the chance to help. Tell them Indy's mom sent you.

Anonymous said...

oh, i wish you could come play with my doxeranian. she is lonely all day! good luck w/ your issues. i hope the
loving huskies can help you out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Copper,

You are really giving your mom something to worry about. Our mom is thinking she has been lucky. We do chew up on things while she is gone but she is selective about what we have access to.
We agree with Isabella and Zach, extra blankets and a little more laundry sound like the best way to go. Maybe it is just a phase that you have to grow passes. If your mom makes a big deal about things, you might learn to keep repeating them to get the attention.
Lucky she loves you so much; we don't believe she would chose having less laundry over having you!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Anonymous said...

I don't know Copper--your mom might have to give up on the crate idea--maybe you've just gotten too grown to change now. I think Zach is right that maybe you need an X-pen and some cheap blankets and that'll just be your little quirk. I guess it could be worse. My people have found that they get the most frustrated about the quirks of ours they think they can fix but are unable to. Once they have tried this and that and then come to accept that quirk A or B is just going to be with them, they adjust their life accordingly. And there's nothing wrong with that--causing humans to change their behavior was one of the rules of the HULA hoop.


Ivy said...

if it were up to me i wud say you need a big back yard with a fence and a little copper-size door to go in and out wenever you want to. i luv my ivy door!

Hana said...

Copper, you have been holiday tagged! Check out my bloggy for info.

p.s. Haven't heard from you for a while. I hope things are going ok.

Anonymous said...

dear copper,
maybe you just need a friend to play with all day! you can come visit us if you want! haha. Ohio is probably pretty far away, though, huh? :(

Akira & Shiro