Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Amazing Scary thing .....

Mom got home from the grocery store
drove up in the car and opened the door.
She heard that distinctive whosh whosh sound
paired with dogs barking in the background.

She looked up in the sky
and saw it way up high .
It floated over the the street
and landed .. how sweet !

Mom let me out to see the thing
but it did not give me a zing.
It was that special time of the day
the time to get my dinner out of the way.

The amazing scary thing was a hot air balloon! Mom let me outside to see it ... my neighbor dogs were barking their heads off! But I didn't seem to care because Mom was home and it was dinner time. But it floated right over my street, right over my driveway, and went just a little way down the street and landed. It was really cold and it was almost dusk, maybe that had something to do with why it landed on my street. Wierd.

Thanks dog friends for all your suggestions and "recipes." Dachshies, I am 3 and I am not home alone all that long.... just 8 to 3, four days a week. Indy, I am going to email you at that link ... I'd love to hear advice from a professional. Pippen, I think 5:30 is pushing it too get up in the morning. Isabella, they have ants at my Grandaddys house too.

Mom got some of that Kong peanut butter in the whipped creme can and she put some in my Kong and froze it. Today she let me have it as long as I went in my kennel. I really wanted to take the Kong out of my kennel but I wasn't allowed to. Mom is trying to make it a special toy for the kennel ... and besides it's VERY MESSY! Today, I spent some time in the kennel when Mom was home. Maybe I will get to like it better.

Thanks friends.


Anonymous said...

Thank roo for the Christmas card!

Anonymous said...


Wow! That balloon thingy would have scared me half to death! Mom says it would have been funny to see me growl and bark at it too!

Your pal, Mackie

Anonymous said...

wow copper! i hope that balloon doesn't show up when i come visit!! if it does we will BARK at it!! (to all mom says that hot air ballons have tried to land on that street at least 3 times since mom lived there when she was little)

Hana said...

Hmmm, I wonder if the Wizard of Oz was in that hot air balloon. Maybe he is trying to send some kind of message to Hershey's mom, afterall, he has tried to land it 3 times on your street. Your mom's name isn't Dorothy, is it?

JustMeCopper said...

No, and this isn't Kansas either, but she is right ... we have had hot air balloons land on the street before. Wierd.

Shmoo said...

Wow, that's pretty cool. Would have been more fun to rip it up though :) It is a bit odd that those things just land near you. Perhaps the humans have found a more economical way of commuting to work?

I'm glad you are getting tasty kong treats and learning that the crate is a good place. Just be warned that the stuff that comes in a can is also known as Crack Whiz. You will be trapped under its spell in no time, so watch out!


salchicha & lilly said...

Copper.. the hot air balloon looks like it would be fun. Do you think they serve food inflight? We know we could go with dad but mom would stay on the ground.

Toby said...

Hi Cooper,

Did you enjoy your peanut butter kong?? I bet it was super yummy!~


salchicha & lilly said...

copper, will you do us a big favor? We have been trying to post on dachsies rule but it won't let us. Please let them know we are trying.

So, how is the metal kennel working out? It becomes a "safe haven" in time..

thank you..