Tuesday, January 20, 2009

S is for .....

Hi dogfriends. It's me Copper.... the dog that almost never has anything interesting to blog about. Well, today I have something to blog about.

Roxie, Sammy and Andy, my doxie friends from Houston, have recently redone their blog and they just blogged about the letter S. I wrote to them and asked for a letter to blog about and they gave me 'F'. I am still trying to come up with some things that begin with the letter 'F' but before I do, I would like to share with you and them, something that is on my mind regarding the letter 'S.' Right now, in fact, my mother and I can only think of this one S thing. Indeed, my mother would love to stop thinking about this S thing. But before I show you the thing that is on my mind and my mother's mind, I want to show you some pictures of my house.

This is my lovely front dog yard with my white picket fence and my stone border around my flowerbed.

This is my front porch and my rose bush that is so pretty in the spring. This is where I guard my house and bark at squirrels and people that walk past my house. In fact you can see me guarding my house in the picture.

This is Mom's new dining room furniture. She had set the table for Christmas dinner.

This is my new bed .... oh, I mean my Mom's new bed. (Oh, and Dad's too.)

I show you all these pictures so that you know my Mom and Dad and I do not get the wrong idea about my Mom or Dad or my house when you see the S pictures.

My Mom is reluctantly letting me show you the S pictures. Mom and Dad found the S pictures this weekend when they went down under the house to close so vents in the crawl space under the house so that the house would stay warmer when the weather dipped into the teens, as it did this weekend. My mother who likes a clean house, beds that are made, things in their place, and decorating magazines found this thing that begins with the letter S.

Snakes skins! S is for ..... snakes and snake skins.

Mom and Dad found lots of creepy snake skins under house. They found them on the ground and on the walls of the crawl space. They did not know the creepy snakes or creepy snake skins were under the house because they don't go down there very much. And now my Mother will probably never go down there ever again.

Mom called their exterminator (yes we have one) and the exterminator recommended a trapping service that specializes in snakes. The snake man is going to come out soon and see if he can find the snakes, wake them up and send them away on a long vacation. He says he should be able to find out why they are under there and how they are getting in and make sure they don't come back. He was going to come today until it snowed.

Yes, S is also for Snow. Meeshka, I told you I had never seen snow. Well, today it snowed. None of it stuck ... but it snowed.

S ... snakes, skin, snow, stuck. That all start with S. So does sleep, which is something my Mother is not able to do very well lately because of these letter S things.

But at least now I have something to blog about.


Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...


We thought about snakes but we have had enough interaction with them lately! We hope the snake man can catch all of those nasty unwanted and uninvited visitors!

BTW we love your blog. The pictures of you are GREAT!!!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

chelsea + apple said...

I'z never see snakes before! I's be scared to touch it...

you'z look cute guarding your's house <3

<3 Apple

Hana said...

Hey Copper, your Mom keeps a very nice and clean dog house for you. It is beautiful. Nice she makes your bed for you each day, too! New bed, new dining room furniture, did you have your dining room wall painted to mustard color? It was blue before?

That is a lot of stuff that start with the letter S. Did your Mom go down under the house to take those photos of the Snake skins or did she send your Dad down? I don't think I'd be sleeping either. I hope the exterminator will get to the bottom of the S stuff soon. That is very Scary!

Lady Kaos said...

My mom wouldn't sleep either knowing there were snakes under our house. If Mom has to go under the house, she sends Dad and I under first to make sure there's nothing creepy. After seeing those pictures I don't think Mom will be going under the house anymore even after we go in first. Good luck! Keep us posted! And stay away from them! We don't want you having to go to the vet like Sammy, Roxy and Andy did.

Shmoo said...

Wow, there seems to be a lot of "s" in your life lately. I don't know whether to be more excited about the snow, or the possible tasty snakes under your house... perhaps you should help your humans by digging the snakes out and playing with them, that's what we do here.


♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Oh no Copper...how awful. I am very scared of snakes and Roxie, Sammy and Andy hate them. Please be careful.

Love Mona

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Hi Copper, come on over to our blog and get the award we gave to you. It is a lot nicer than a snake!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Anonymous said...

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World of Animals, Inc said...

Cooper, you new bed looks wonderful. Hope their space for mom. LOL. The dog yard looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a wonderful day.
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