Saturday, January 10, 2009

A red letter day ....

You wouldn't believe what happened to me today! What a bonanza!

Mom decided I still look very thin and so she decided to weigh me this morning. This is how she weighs me .... she picks me up and steps on her scale and then puts me down and weighs herself and then she does math. She told me I still weight 12.5 pounds and that is why I seems so skinny. So she went for a car ride (alas .. without me) and came home with a 20 pound bag of dog food ... the kind with no holes.

While she was at the pet food store she saw a full blooded male red long haired dachshund, up for adoption. Mom just happened to see him as the man brought him into the store in a kennel. He was red with black on his ears and he was a little bigger than me. Mom has been praying about a companion for me for a while so she began to wonder if maybe her unscheduled trip to the pet food store was , in fact, a divine appointment. Mom was the first person to get the ladies attention as she came into the store and she asked about him. Mom wanted to have the first opportunity to be considered to adopt the dog. The lady told Mom right away that he needed to be an only dog and that he was very dominant and would bite young children. Mom was very dissapointed because this meant she could not adopt this dog. She was startled with how forthcoming this lady was with this information and wonders who will ever adopt him? (Personally Mom feels that dog adoption people would prefer to adopt out dogs to petless married adult couples who do not work, have 20 foot tell fences, never travel or leave home for short periods of time. But that is another story.) So poor Docker, the aggressive dachshund who bites children did not get adopted to be my brother today. I hope he got another forever home.

When Mom got home, my Dad went out to the car and got it and put in in my dogfood can. In order to mix it up with the other dogfood in the can, he picked up the can and shook it and this happened.

This is not a picture of my dog food or my house. It is a picture of some other lucky dog's kitchen. My Mom did not take a picture of my food all over the floor, because she and Dad were too buy trying to CLEAN IT UP before I could eat it all!!! I was helping and was eating it as fast as I possibly could, trying to gain some of my weight back, but would they let me help? Nooooooo! I had to go in the living room while they finished. Dad said I had eaten a full dinner's worth alredyand that I'd still expect dinner tonight.

Well, of course I will!


Shmoo said...

What a wonderful bonanza of floor food Copper! I'm sure you would have cleaned it up much faster if they hadn't tried to help.

In regard to the woman trying to find a good home for the wiener dog... would your mom rather she was told that the pup was a wonderful dog that loved all people and children and then got him home and he went full tilt Cujo on everyone and everything? She is simply trying to find him the RIGHT home, not just A home. Some puppies get a rough break in life and don't like certain things, so putting a pup like that in a house with children will end up having a hurt child and a dog with a bite history that will most likely be put to sleep. Sometimes the truth hurts, but not telling the truth can be lethal... for the poor pups.

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Poor Copper,

You were just trying to be helpful and your reward was they threatened to take away your dinner? Humans are so confusing!

Sometimes it's best to tell people the truth about troubled dogs. If people want the perfect dog they will just get rid of a troubled dog. Since two of us are rescues, we know how scary it is to be in the system. We hope that little guy finds the perfect home for him.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Oh, and we wanted to tell you that Andy eats the same Lamb & Rice small bites food. Sammy is currently eating the Lite Food with holes in it from the same people.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Hana said...

Poor little red daschie. But there are lots of married people without children. Retired folks. Newlyweds. We have our paws crossed that he finds a good home.

Holy moly! Look at all that food on the floor (ok, it is a photo of another dog's lucky kitchen, but still!). I hope you tried to work quickly on the spill before your parents banished you to the living room. And I hope they give you a full dinner! Afterall, your Mom bought you the non-hole food for a reason.

Albert E. Hairless said...

ooooo i wish this happened to me! dogggg-eeeee heaven! i like your page, copper! i just moved to Georgia!

your new friend,
Albert E. Hairless