Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello dog friends ...

It's me again. I haven't blogged in so long, I am sure you have all forgotten me. Me thinks my secretary is

1) too busy?
2) unispired?
3) out of ideas (isn't that the same as uninspired?)
4) depressed?
5) lonely?
6) uninterested in me?

Ok, let's go with busy and out of ideas.

These pictures were taken at my Boppie's house. I stayed with him a couple night recently while my Mom and her brothers and sisters threw him an 80th Birthday Party. Mom and Dad stayed in a hotel so I had to stay at my Boppie's house. But that is ok because he fed me breakfast AND dinner. Usually I just get dinner. It was fun.

My Mom has been thinking of quitting my blog. She has also considered changing it to a blog that she can share with me. Something like a decorating, journaling, photography, dog blog. She still hasn't decided yet.

Meanwhile, it is almost Christmas and Mom and Dad have used to word "Hershey" twice tonight. I wonder if he is coming to see me. Stay tuned and I'll let you know.

PS Please write and tell me Mom that people have wrecks occasionally. She was in a small wreck today, but is absolutely fine. Her car bumpers are not so pretty anymore, front and back. She says she is thankful no one was hurt and that it was not very bad and that she is off all next week to deal with it and that she was not at fault. But she is still sad about it.


The Brat Pack said...

What? She can't quit your blog but combining it would be ok. Just anything so we see you more!

We're sorry about your Mom's wreck, it's just important she's ok. Bumpers are easier than heads to replace, ya know?

We miss you!


Lorenza said...

Nope! I don't agree with your mom quiting your blog!
Some times it is not easy but sure she can do it! Yes, she can combine things on it but with you in first place! Please!
The wreck does not sound funny but sure is great that nobody got hurted! Tell your mom not to worry!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

chelsea + apple said...

sorry about the wreck!! I'z hope everyones okay!

dont quit the blog, we'z luvs youz!
sharing with your mom is pawsome!!

Have a happy howliday

<3 apple

Shmoo said...

1.) Humans run out of ideas once in a while and take breaks... totally normal.

2.) As you can see, we haven't forgotten about you, but we do miss your posts.

3.) My human woman decided on having a different blog, I made her create one of her own and graciously allowed her a link on my blog. Other humans do the same, tell her to get her own blog.

4.) 4 years ago yesterday the human woman got plowed into, her car totaled and her thumb messed up, airbag burns, and 3 years of legal hassle and physical therapy. Tell her to go do the happy dance that she's fine, its just bumpers that can be replaced, and life is too short to fret about plastic and Styrofoam.

Bev said...

Please......please please don't quit bloggin Mom!!!!!!! Combined....yes but please don't quit. I vote for a combination with photography myself. You don't know me but my mom started blogging because of your blog. And she doesn't think she's too good at it (can't think of ideas to blog about or put into words sometimes) and doesn't blog too often but she loves to check out your pictures when your mom posts them and would REALLY miss them. Hope you don't mind us following your blog but I'm a long hair dapple doxie pup and mom keeps telling me I'm going to look a lot like you when I grow up........she's not too good at responding to blogs either but this post really got her attention. Please don't quit.

Eduardo said...

I'm sorry that your Mommy got into a wreck. Yes they happen, Don't be sad. NOW, if your Mommy decides to quit your blog that is okay,as long as she starts a new one with you in it, because we are still here & we love you, & we will miss you as we did we you was gone for a whole month! It's normal for a blogger to run out of something to blog about that is why, many people come up with meme, & tags! For a day you have nothing to blog about you do the tag or meme. If your Mommy needs somebody to talk to she can e-mail my Mommy at my e-mail address I just don't want you to leave blogging!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Lady Kaos said...

i hope she dosen't decide to stop your blog all toegether! That would make us sad. Give your Mom some chaotic hugs from me. I'd be okay with her combining them, but no more Copper would be a HUGE bummer!!!! Mom knows how she feels. She was in a small wreck that messed up her back bumper. It wasn't her fault but it still got her all upset.
I hope you get to see Hershey and that adorable little girl for Christmas!!
Hugs to you!!
Have a Merry Christmas!

Hana said...

No Copper. Your Mom can't stop being your secretary! We all love your blog! Maybe just blog every once in a while. I'd be happy to see photos of you, even if there isn't any text, but it is fun to read your stories. How about photos of you that your Mom takes for her photography class... she DOES take photos of you for her class, doesn't she?

Hana said...

Glad to hear the wreck was small and she was okay!