Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm awake ...

Sorry for that long vacation friends. Mom stays busy and uninspired to help me blog. She sometimes wonders if I have anything else to say. This is what I have been doing lately ...

Hershey came to visit me a couple of weeks ago. He brought the baby and Nixon and stayed for four days. The baby is at an awesome stage. She carries this orange snack cup around sometimes and sometimes she lays it down. A couple of times I was quick enough to grab it and I scored some cool snacks. You can see me sticking my nose in it in this picture below. She is trying to give me my kong but I know there is nothing in it!

She discovered my porch water and played in it a little and here I am licking her hands dry. ... I try to be helpful.

I let her try out my doghouse. She fits in it really well.

And here she is playing on this big rock I have in my yard and watching Hershey smell something.

After Hershey left, Mom found a dead vole in my yard. She thinks it was a vole but it could have been a mouse. It was not a mole because my Mom looked at pictures of moles and voles and mice on the internet and moles have big feet and this creature didn't. Mom says she will spare showing you intenet pictures of voles and moles because she knows you can go look at them yourself if you want to. Anyway, this vole was just laying in my yard near where Hershey and I had been "studying" and rolling around alot. Mom didn't take a picture of it because he was dead and well .... very unattractive. But she thinks Hershey may have killed it because he is quite the hunter. Mom threw the dead critter over my fence so I can't roll on him now. Isn't she mean?

Since Hershey left, Mom has been looking at adoptable doggies on the internet again. Why is it that dog people think a dog that hates kids and cats and isn't housebroken and has heartworms will make a great pet? I guess everydog deserves a good home but Mom wants just the right one if it is going to live at my house for 10 + years. I really love it when Hershey is here. He is my very best friend and if he wasn't so attached to his Mom and his baby and his Daddy, we'd invite him to come live with me. But he has an important job taking care of his family up in Virginia. He has a mailman that attacks his home six days a week and he has dogs and people that threaten to walk past his house every day. He has to keep his cat brother Nixon in line and he has to clean up all of those dropped snacks. It's a hard life.

So, I am awake and maybe Mom will post more often now.


Rick said...
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Hana said...

Miriam is a cutie. I love the pic of her in your doghouse! Something tells me that when she *grows up*, she is going to get a daschie of her very own!

Eduardo said...

How cute! Who ate that creature?
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Lady Kaos said...

She is so cute!!! I didn't even know there was such a thing as a vole!
I think instead of another dog, your mom should get you a kid that drops snacks!! That would be way cooler!!!
PS Tell you mom I'm kidding.

Luckie Girl said...

She's growing up to be one bootiful lady like your Mom and her Mom! :) Will you be getting a sibling too? I think you'll do well with company at home since you enjoy Hershey's visits so very much!

~Dianne and the Trust Fund Weenz said...

Howdy Cooper!
My Mom was busy too! I just got her to sit down and type a new entry for me.
Mom and Dad hope that I will be as good as yours with your lil human friend when they have the baby they are trying to have. I hope so to!

Ok bark at ya later!
Susie Pearl

Anonymous said...

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