Wednesday, July 02, 2008

His breath is fresher ...

Hershey got his teeth cleaned today. He went to see Miss Cindy at the vet's office and he got his teeth cleaned and his nails and feet trimmed. Now you can see that he HAS feet. And his breath is fresher. He will be easier to sleep with tonight. He is very sleepy tonight though.

This is his baby's pink chair. She lets him sleep in it.


Lorenza said...

Hershey looks KO!
The baby is so nice letting him sleep on her chair!
Kisses and hugs

CLU said...

Wow. I really like that chair. Makes me wish we had a baby, too! Hershey looks very comfy. ~ Sonny

Lady Kaos said...

That is a really cool chair!! Another reason I need to convince Mom and Dad to get me a baby!!

Hana said...

Does Hershey not care at all that he's resting in a GIRL'S chair? It was nice of Miriam to let him rest on it.