Sunday, October 14, 2007

My big Friday adventure.....

Hello dog friends,

Tonight I am taking a break from my poetry streak to tell you about my big Friday adventure. I just can't write poetry about it because it's just too exciting.

Friday was a beautiful day and so my Mom left for work and left me outside in my little front yard that I love so much. It is cute and just the right size for me and I have a great big front porch to lay on if it rains. My Mom and Dad had fixed all of my escape places and so she felt is was safe to leave me.

Well, as soon as my Mom left, I noticed that Miss Cindy's car was next door and I am a smart dog and I know that if her car is there, that she is there.
I was bored and so I decided to find a new escape place and go see her. It was very very hard but I sucked in all of my bones and squeezed through a slightly larger place in the gate. (The same gate above but that is a picture of it after they fixed it.) Miss Cindy saw me do it and she said I had a really hard time wiggling through and that I got stuck some but that I finally make it. She put something over that hole and put me back in my yard. I was so sad ... and still lonely, so I looked and looked and I found another escape place that I had never noticed before. Notice my muddy foorprints?
I had never noticed it (Mom - and I hadn't either) because there used to be a big great smelling bush of lemon balm over this place. Mom had trimmed the bush lately and boy am I glad. It was realy huge! (Mom says if you ever want a nice smelling big bush, plant lemon balm.) So, I hopped through the hole and escaped and went to Miss Cindy's house again and rang the doorbell ... er rather, cried at the door. Can I tell you how awesome it is to be free and run to the neighbors when you are bored? They let you in the house and let you smell all their smells and lay on their sofa! (I bet she even gave me snacks!)
Well, Mom and Miss Cindy were not so happy about my escapes. Miss Cindy just brought me back to my house after a while and put me in the evil kitchen and called my Mom (who felt like a REALLY BAD MOTHER over all of this) and I spent the rest of the day in the evil kitchen ... alone.
So yesterday, Mom and Dad worked in the yard to fix all of my escape places. They put more pickets in the gate so I cannot get out there. They also put rocks in the ground under the gate so that they don't get moved by anyone making a place for me to escape. If you look closely you can see the rocks in the ground under the gate.
They also found my most secret lemon balm escape place and put a big metal rod in that place. See the green rod?

This is the face I made when they fixed all my escape places.

Before you all freak out and tell my mother she is a BAD MOTHER, she wants you all to know what she is thinking of doing. First of all she is never leaving me in my little yard again when she leaves the house. For some reason, I only want to escape when she is gone. She will leave me in the kitchen. She is also going to check out a doggie day care near her work and figure out if she can afford to take me there sometimes and if I would like it. She has also thought of getting another dog to keep me company when she is gone. She is also thinking of working with me more to like being my myself more. (She is not sure how to do that.) She already asked Hershey's Mom if I could come live with her but Hershey's Mom said she has a cat and a dog and a baby and so she said No. She is also going to get me microchipped when she takes me into the vet for my check up in a couple of weeks. Gheesh!

So, that's my big Friday adventure. It's over now. I survived and it was a lot of dog fun.


Elizabeth said...

Copper, I'm glad that Miss Cindy was home for you to visit and that you weren't just running willy nilly around the neighborhood. Lulu's yard has chicken wire all around the bottom of the fence so she can not squeeze out anywhere. You can't even really see it.

Lili said...

Wow Copper! That was quite some adventure! I kept trying to get out of my yard to get at this cat that was hanging out in an upstairs window to the left of our apartment the other day, but it wasn't working--the fence is closed tight and is six feet tall. I can jump 3 1/2-4 feet, but I just couldn't get at that cat! grr.
your comrade against all fences--

Anonymous said...

Lucky for you that Miss Cindy is such a great neighbor! What an adventure. I think you need a pal - tell you Mom to get you a buddy - two heads are better than one when it comes to escape plans.

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

We think you need a friend to keep you company! Of course, that could mean there are two of you to think of ways to escape ...

We are glad Miss Cindy was home because we don't want to lose our good friend Copper!

We were thinking the same thing Elizabeth said ... chicken wire. It doesn't have to come up all of the way ... just enough to stop you.

Mom won't leave us outside if she is gone. She says we bark too much and the neighbors would probably complain. Don't they know we are just protecting everyone?

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Tansy said...

My Dogness, Copper!

First may I say that you are Most Clever! I do hope your mom Appreciates that. Miss Cindy is Very Nice; I understand why you wanted to see her.

Sensible ideas are offered by your mom. The Best is to get another friend. Having been an Only Dog, I can Bark to the value of a Flock. You are most Special, so you need only One companion. Rescue is a good Option.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper.
I am so happy to know that you are safe at your home now! Glad you went directly to Miss Cindy house and that she was there when you did it!
Yes, another fried would be nice for you! Let us know about your mom's decision, ok?
Have a nice day

Patty Nason said...

Cooper, you are one smart dog, with a wonderful neighbor! That's a lot of adventuring, woof!

I love the last photo of Cooper, what a sweet funny face. I would love it if you entered it (and any other Cooper photos) into Dogster's World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show contest...there are some great prizes, and lots of fun to be had, plus, you can vote on other photos already there! Fun!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Ms Cindy sounds like a pawsome neighbour to have. Will you really be going to doggy day care?

~ Girl girl

Hana said...

Copper, I am glad that you did not get lost and that someone did not steal you when you were on your way to Miss Cindy's house. I have another idea though that your Mom can add to her list. She can feed you more so that you can't squeeze through the fence. How's that? Nahhhhh. You don't want more food, do you? Let us know what your Mom decides. Too bad Hershey's Mom can't take you in. You'd have tons of fun with Hershey and with Miriam and even Nixon.

Isis said...

your mom was going to give you to hershey's mom? oh my goodness thats so sad! doesnt your mom want you anymore?

Luckie Girl said...

Oh Copper, you tried to escape again?? Thank dog Miss Cindy was kind enuff to bring you back home. Maybe your Mom should get you a sibling. it would be fun wouldn't it?

Hammer said...

Hi Copper
I hope your mum finds you a friend to keep you company soon. Please don't escape again. It is dangerous outside your home. You listen to your mum.
Love from Hammer

Shmoo said...

Unfortunately, you human sounds very wise in trying to stop your escapes (which I commend you on, very good stuff there).

Yes, its for your own good, and I think her ideas are good ones.


Anonymous said...

Woo Copper, I am so glad Miss Cindy was home to rescue you!!!