Friday, August 04, 2006

What's so interesting about birds?

First of all ... the man with the hose came BACK today and squirted my house AGAIN today. I heard Mom say there were some spots he missed (it looked fine to me.) I alerted her the minute he drove up but she had the nerve to make me sit and stay inside the house while she went out and talked to him so I did not get to bark at him ... well at least where he could see me. I barked plenty when he squirted my windows! How dare he! But, he's gone now so ...

I can tell Roxie, Sammy and Andy about all of the birds! My Mom doesn't really have a lot of sense sometimes. She likes birdhouses and she puts these birdhouses up and ... yeah, you guessed it .... birds come and make babies in them. I don't know why, but she is always amazed and surprised. She always says it is amazing to see the things that God has made. One time Meeshka, I almost got to meet one when it first jumped out of the nest and it couldn't fly. Mom was afraid I was going to hurt it and made me go in the house! I was just going to introduce myself!! Gheesh! Here is a picture of it. Pretty ugly I think.

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