Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A day in JAIL!!!!

I had such a scary day today! It all started this morning when my Mom put my harness on and got my leash out. I was sure I was going for a walk. Pretty soon my neighbor friend Dr Cindy came over and put my leash on me and led me out of my yard. I looked at my Mom like "What is happening to me? Aren't you going?" Then, she put me in her CAR and took me for a car ride. That was fun. When we stopped I was at the scary Dr place! She put me in doogie jail and I had to stay there a long time! Sometimes she would come to see me and take me outside to go poddy but I was so scared and mad at her that I wouldn't go poddy. I didn't like the water there either. One time she took me out and looked in my ears and looked at my itchy spots. They even had the nerve to shave a little place on one of my itchy places! I wiggled really hard to make them stop but they just got more people to hold me and did it anyway! It was just awful. I had to go back in doggie jail some more where the yuccy water was. I could hear the other dogs talking about their 'operations' and how much they hurt. It was awful. Were they going to operate on me? Where was my Mom?

Then, Dr Cindy came and got me and took me on a car ride again. I had to wear my harness and seat belt so I couldn't tell where we were going. Pretty soon I smelled my neighborhood and pretty soon she let me out of my seatbelt and pretty soon I was home!! I ran in and got a big long drink of water and then said hi to my Mom.

Dr Cindy told my Mom that I have a little bit of an ear infection and a skin infection. She gave Mom some drops for my ears and some more cheese medicine. One of the medicines is a 'steer oid" whatever that is. Does Dr Cindy think I am a cow? I am confused.

I am home now and I am going to try to catch up on my sleep before Hershey gets here.


Dachsies Rule said...

Poor Copper,

How awful! Your mom shouldn't let Dr. Cindy take you away like that. And doggie jail is terrible. We have all had surgery and, take it from us, it is no fun! We don't know about those "steer oids"; will they make you grow as big as a cow? You are already the perfect size!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Isabella said...

I hope the stuff the vet gave you makes you quit itchig. I know that itchiness has made you feel miserable. So maybe you will start feeling better now. I got left at the vet's one day- when I was spayed. They put a mask over my face and gave me a shot- next thing I knew it was afternoon and they had ripped open my belly like I rip my toys and then sewn me back up, just like Linda does my toys. It was a horrible experince.
If I were you I would hide under the bed if that vet ever comes to the house to get you again. You got off lucky this time.
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... I wouldn't trust anyone with a harness and a leash now. I think cheese and steer oids might have something in common .. just be careful you don't start moo-ing. Rest up so you can have fun with Hershey. You can scare him late at night with doggy jail stories now, heh heh heh.

hana said...

Hm. Seems my comment just disappeared now. Oh well. Maybe Blogger needs some cheese medicine!

You should trick Hershey and tell him the eardrops are just the best thing ever in this world, then maybe your mom will start giving him the eardrops instead of you. But, if you love the cheese medicine, you have to convince Hershey it tastes nasty, else he will want some too then there will be little left for you.

Shmoo said...

oh yeah, watch out for those steer oids, because they'll make you pee a lot and drink a lot. I was on those for my itchy skin, but now that I'm on the good food, no more itchy... well, except the human woman found a spot on my chin just now... sigh.