Thursday, August 24, 2006

How I got my name .....

Hi dog friends.... Tonight to thought I would tell you how I got my name.

I am afraid I am boring you all to death with the stories of my itching. I may be better today ... but them my Mom has been gone so much today she hasn't asked me about it. The jacket did seem to help some. It gave me something else to think about and I couldn't reach some of the really itchy places. And no, I have not eaten or been around anything new ... just that one flea ... and he's gone. Mom can't figure it out. The yard man did spray the yard for weeds and she wonders if that is it.

About my name ... when I came to live here I was a wee little puppy and for a whole week I didn't have a name. Or I had a whole bunch of names ... each for an hour or so. I sort of was a birthday present for my Mom she thought and thought and finally after about a week she named me Copper. My Mom has a hard time deciding things sometimes she says. She told me once that her kids used to watch this movie called the Fox and the Hound and the dog in it was named Copper. I guess if I had a brother dog, he could be named Tod. Anyway, that is how I got my name. How did you get your name?


hana said...

Ouu, my mommie saw the Fox and the Hound a LONG time ago. She says she remembers it being a cute movie. I think she will be renting it from the store so I can watch it too.

I like your name Copper, but I always type it like Cooper by accident the first time round. Must be 'cause my paws are too big for the keyboard. I also like the name of your web site JustMeCopper.

My humans named me even before I was born! They were visiting Maui Hawaii, and they went on the "Road to Hana". It is a long road with lots of side stops to waterfalls and pretty beaches. At the end is the city named Hana. Hana means flower and happiness. They liked the meaning and the way the name sounded. It was there on their vacation when they decided that when they adopt a doggie, the doggie's name will be Hana. And, that is ME!

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

If I had to guess Copper, it sounds like the yard man sprayed something that you are allergic to. Where my mom works they regularly spray stuff. She won't let them do her office since she's allergic to the stuff.

I'm sure the vet could find out what it is and test you!

On the other hand, I have been getting the itchies for the past week or so. Nothing major but mom looks me over and combs my furs. She also looks for ticks. Ticks are harder to get rid of.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Copper,

I got my name from one of the richest women in the world - Oprah Winfrey. Yep, Opy is short for Oprah - it happened to be on the TV when mum and dad bought me home - and here I am ! I only get called Oprah when I am naughty though !


JustMeCopper said...

Hana ... you have a lovely name. I love your ribbon necklace too ... can't wear stuff like that cause I'm a boy ... but my Mom thinks you are beautiful. Oh, and lots of people call me Cooper by mistake. Think nothing of it.

Charlie .... until you asked that question, my Mom had not thought of the spray. It was liguid lawn fertilizer. Something to think about and easy to fix. Now my Mom is trying to remember when he came and when I started itching. I think I am allergic to fleas and since Mom got rid of that one flea, I have been getting a little better every day. I hope you can beat the ticks .. they re gross.

Opy .. you're the bomb if you are named after Oprah.

Isabella said...

18 months ago the Human's last grandchild was born and they wanted her parents to name her Isabella. Well, they didn't use that name (Linda says no one ever listens to her) so the Humans decided to name me Isabella when they got me. I'm glad now that the grand daughter didn't get my name because I rather like it for myself.

I thought maybe you were named Copper because of the rich copper colored marking you have on your face and legs. I think Copper is a prefect name for you!
Big Wags,

hana said...

Hi Copper, thanks for visiting my web site and thanks for the compliment on my ribbon necklace. I think you'd look nice in a boy necklace. Just something simple like little beads in various brown shades. You'd look cool! It'd certainly be better than wearing a sweater in the summer!

JustMeCopper said...

Isabella, Hershey's Mom likes the name Isabella for a baby. I like your name.

Shmoo said...

Meeshka: it means the one that is in charge of everything, gets to eat good things, and lay on the bed.

Ok, it actually means Teddy Bear in Russian (or Mike if you want to really make me mad). They had some other stupid names for me, but they've forgotten them now and I just ignored those.