Saturday, August 05, 2006

Closets are DARK .....

I finally got to go for a slow sniffy walk tonight. Actually, it was not very slow and sniffy ... but I got to go on a walk. I like to go r e a l slow and smell the roses ... and the grass ... and the mailboxes ... and whatever I want when I walk. My Mom likes to go FAST so she can xercice or something. My legs are short and I don't like to go fast.

Well, when we got home Mom opened up the closet to hang up my leash and I went in to help her and pretty soon it was DARK! I waited quietly for the door to open but it didn't.

I heard Mom turn on the water in the sink.... was she cooking something?

I heard her open the front door ... was she going on another slow sniffy walk without me?

I heard her say "Honey, is Copper upstairs with you?"

I heard Dad say "No, maybe he is in the other room."

I heard Mom say "Copper, where ARE you?"


Then I heard the front door open again.

Then I heard Mom again "Copppperrrrr, where aaaarrrreeee you!"

Then, I saw light and Mom opening the door. I was so glad to see her..... AND get a cookie from the treat can.

You should definately stay out of dark closets. It is scary and dark and there is nothing special in there.


Charlie The Big Dog said...

E-Gads (Or I-Gads for the Mac Users:-)

That doesnt sound like much fun. It should be worth LOTS of "Make Up Treats" for you though.

Shmoo said...

Our humans usually forget about Sam and lock him out of the house or in the back room. Sam is polite and doesn't believe in inconveniencing the humans, so he'll just sit there and wait for them to realize he's missing... which sometimes takes a while because he's so quite normally.

You should have clawed your human for locking you in the closet. They'll feel bad for locking you in the closet that they'll still give you a treat and love, even though you've clawed them.


HanktheDog said...

When my cousin Lucy the Dachshund walks with me, she also likes to go really slow and sniff everything. Labs are "travelers", we like to move along. I try to be patient. As for the closet, I try to avoid anyplace scary. The scariest for me is an elevator. Maybe I'll mention that in my vacation tale.

Woofwoof said...

People forgot me in a closet once, and they had to go get new clothes. Their old clothes became my blanket.

Pippin the flyball dog said...

My people forget their cat in the closet and in the downstairs bathroom sometimes. I don't see a problem with that, but I'm with you, I don't think it's a place for dogs. Maybe next time you could bark really loud--that's what we do when we want the people to do something for us. Since it usually works, we do it a lot.


Anonymous said...

hmmm.. I haven't tried the closet trick to get a treat yet. Problem here is that the closet doors are usually open so it would be hard to get closed in. Maybe I can learn to close it on my own.

Dusty Doodles said...

How utterly scary for you Copper! And being a doglet, you weren't big enough to open the door yourselfs. Next time bark reallly loud and then demand lots of extra cookies.

Isabella said...

Yikes! I am glad your human let you out of the closet! You must be a very polite dog- I would have been barking and having a fit. But you have found a new way to get treats!
Big Wags,

P.S. I left a coment on your favorite toy entry but it must have got lost in cyper space. Anyway- you sure looked cute with your little bear.

Dachsies Rule said...

Oh no! How scary to be in a dark place without your people! We can't even go in closets. That is one of Mom's rules. Probably because the closet we try to get into is hers. She makes that "EENT" kinda noise that we don't like. Maybe it's a good thing we don't go in there at all.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy