Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My scary day ....

Ivy posted today that an evil truck (aren't all trucks evil?) came and put boxes in her house.

Ivy, I have to tell you about something that happened to me once. My Mom stayed home one day a long time ago and I thought it would be a happy day but I was wrong. First of all my Mommy moved a lot of stuff from the soft sofa room into the kitchen. My food bowl and my water and my bed are in the kitchen and I couldn't get to my water! It was very crowded and very messy!

Then an evil truck came and even though I barked at them, they wouldn't go away! The men from the evil truck moved all of the rest of the stuff in my house outside onto the squirrel place where Dad cooks hamburgers. Now the outside of my house was messy too!

I had to go in my kennel and stay there a long time. When the evil men left, my house was still a mess. They came back the next day and this time made the upstairs a mess. It was awful. This is a picture of me checking out the sofa outside.

When the days were over, I had new fluffy stuff on my floors everywhere. Holly's smell was gone and I got a big talking to about tinkling on the new fluffy stuff. (Even though I never do it, I promise.) I like the new fluffy stuff and Hershey really needs to get some at his house because his floors are HARD! His floors are so hard, I had to lay on a plastic bag once when I was there.


billiejean said...

Hi Copper,

I am Billie-Jean. I am also a daschund, black/tan, medium hair. I live in Singapore. Can I be your doggie-pen-pal?

billiejean said...

Hi Copper,

Yeah, I would like to make friend with Hershey as well. Your mummy knows a friend in Singapore too? Wowo, what a small world! And thanks for visiting me at my blog! I enjoy your blog A LOT!

Billie Jean

Isabella said...

You should live out my house- it's always tore up and stuff all over. The Humans are completely remodeling the house so boxes and furniture get moved all over. Right now we only have subfloors because they haven't laid the new hardwood floors yet. It's a mess, I tell ya!
Big Wags,

Ivy said...

hey hey cooper! i am sorry to heer that the evil men in truks get around. your fluffy stuf sounds good tho. fluffy stuf is a good nap place but not as good as the couch.