Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I got a cookie and a party!

This is embarrasing ..... but I got a cookie and a little party today because I tinkled on the tinkle pad my Mom put out when she went to work!

You see, my Mom has to work so she can buy me cookies. I don't know what she does and I am pretty sure she would rather stay home with me but I can't go with her is all I know. I have to stay in the kitchen because we have really nice new fluffy stuff (not as fluffy as Meeshka is I am sure) on the floors everywhere else ..... unlike at Hershey's house - he has HARD WOOD! .....very uncomfortable to nap on, let me tell you! Anyway, I have a bunch of little blankets that I get to sleep on in the kitchen, one at a time. Mommy washes them because ... well.... I am embarrassed to say ... I tinkle on them if she takes too long to get home. This big boy comes and lets me out at 3:30 everyday, but sometimes I can't even wait that long.

So today, I think I got the idea about what that pad was for waayyy over on the other side of the kitchen away from my bed because I DID IT! Please tell me ... my new doggie friends.... if I am doing the right thing. Or please tell my Mom that she should quit her job and stay home with me 24/7, that's what I want her to do. And you big dogs that live out in the country and have fences and razor wire, please don't make fun of me. I have a four foot tall picket fence in my front yard and Mommy can't leave me out in it when she goes to work because she is afraid someone would STEAL ME! Yikes, that would be awful! Almost like getting lost only worse!


hershey the doglet said...

copper, you need to tell them why you have an electrical tape house and tree on your plexi-glass thingy. and maybe your mom could find the video she should have on her computer of you running into the plexi-glass BEFORE it had the pictures!!! haha i love you!

Shmoo said...

Copper... pee on the human woman's head. If she gives you a cookie and a party for peeing on a little pad, just wait until you do that and see what happens! Don't forget to tell us afterwards :)


IndyPindy said...

Ooooooooooooh, yes, you HAVE to show us the pictures that Hershey just mentioned!

It would make sense that if she's this excited about you peeing on the pad, she'd be super excited if you peed on a big pad, like a carpet!

JustMeCopper said...

Hershey, I will try to find the video.

To my dog friends....The plexiglass is the door that keeps me in the kitchen. Mommy and Daddy can remove it and put it up, the way they made it. There is no door there. They had to make it because I chewed up baby gates and climbed over lower stuff. I can see the front door through the plexiglass. It has electrical tape on it because at first it was so clean and new, that I ran into it, so Mom put the tape there. I totally wish I did not have to stay in the kitchen by myself. Everyday I hide in my "crystal palace" (which is whatmy Daddy calls the dining room chairs) when it is time to go in the kitchen.

Charlie The Big Dog said...

I remember stupid Opy running into a glass door once - it was SOOOOOOO funny - I laughed so hard I had to hold my tummy with my paws - I wish she would do it again, it was awesome:-)))))

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Shutup Charlie !!!!

Anyway Copper - yes, I agree - all humans should stay at home and play with us 24/7 ! Going to work is so stupid !


Dusty Doodles said...

Going to workie is stoopid. I think Meeshka is going to ban the workie thing for the hoomans when she rules the world. That would be good. And Copper, when you gots to go, you gots to go. Nothing to feel embarassed about. If the hoomans aren't there to let you out, then pee on the pad -- any pad. Oh and don't worry about your little fence, you are a little doglet. Little doglets have little fences. Your momma is wise for watching you out there -- Doodles doesn't want any doglet-napping going on!

Dachsies Rule said...


You are so good to tinkle on the pad. Mom tried that with Roxie but she just ripped them into itsy-bitsy pieces that Mom then got to clean up. Don't let anyone tease you about staying inside. Mom keeps us inside because we are the most valuable things she owns. People can take everything else ... well, not our treats and food either, but everything else!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

It is best for doglets to be inside. Kitties also. My sib Worf was stolen from our front yard. He made it back but one of my other sibs never did. People here in NM sometimes steal kitties and doglets for bait for fighting dogs. It is very bad. My kitty sibs now stay in the back yard with me and I protect them.