Saturday, May 05, 2007

Snacks .....

Dad told my Mom that the baby robins hatched the other day and some of them have left the nest. Dad won't let me go outside anytime I want to now. He has to check and make sure the baby robins are not in my yard. He doesn't want me to hurt them. They are hopping around with their mother learning how to find food, he says. Gheesh..... it's my yard! This is not picture of them but is a picture of some internet baby robins. I can't post of picture of my baby robins because my mother has the camera up at Hershey's house taking pictures of Hershey's baby sister. Gheesh!

Speaking of babies.... Mom tells me that Hershey's baby is really sweet and cute. Mom is in love with her and has enjoyed holding her and changing her and dressing her. She says she will be sad when she has to leave and come home. Why that is, I don't know, because she will come home to ME!

Hershey likes the baby but noticed today that the baby gets to poop inside the house. He is sure she pooped inside the house too because he smelled her diaper. He thinks that is not fair at all. He is not supposed to poop in the house!

Well, I have to go outside and see if the birds are still out there.


Maggie said...

I guess you could poop inside the house if you wanted to wear a diaper, Copper. YUK! I think I'd rather go outside!

Love ya lots,

Zach said...

Better pass on Maggie's advice to Hershey. Dogs are smarter than babies - babies take 2 years to be housebroken - we do it SOOOO much faster! Too bad Hershey's parents didn't have a dog instead of a baby!

Jackson said...

I'm sure Hershey would look very cute in a diaper too!
You're very lucky to have robbins in your garden. All I get are horrible squawking seagulls! J x

Suki said...

oh my gosh, Hershey's baby is sooooo cute! But not cuter than pug puppies, I'm afraid ;)

Puggy kisses

Ivy said...

sorry suki but i think baby miriam is way cuter than a pug puppy.

i also think it is totally not fair that baby peepol dont get yelled at for pooping in the house but we dogs cant get away wif it at all... not even once!

Shmoo said...

So far, Loki has snacked on an adult bird, and this morning he had a baby bird tweet snack.

He's so selfish, he never shares.


Dachsies Rule said...

Hershey's little sister is very pretty but it's not fair that she gets to poop in the house. They need to train her to poop outside with Hershey.

Did you get the birds??

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Lorenza said...

I like to chase birds too but I never got one. The ones I chase here are big black ones I don't know their name in english but we call them "chanates".
Hershey sister is soooo cute.

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Glad you're back Copper--my people were in and out all week and they missed that you were back to the computer. Your human niece is very cute and I bet it was hard for your mom to leave--good thing she had you to come back to!

We don't have any baby robins yet at our house, but I think there might be some young squirrels about.

See ya

Luckie the Dachie said...

Pooping in the house....hmm..i do that too but I have to make sure I poop accurately on my pee tray. Ah, i see your Mom should be coming back soon??
PS : Those robin birdies are so small...and yeah, definately a good snack. I went for a walk yesterday and had a wild time barking at those birdies....

Pearly said...

heheh...I poo poo inside too :P cute baby, hershey did you give baby a kiss?

hana said...

I hope Miriam did not get a treat for pooping in the house!

p.s. That is such a cute picture of baby Miriam! Goo-che-goo-che-goo!!

Anonymous said...

hey Just Me copper, saw your comments on Dogs With Blogs Site about eating grapes.

My dog used to love eating grapes.....but then I read in a paper that grapes are poison to dogs, and can kill them.

So please, although you enjoy them, do not eat!

love and licks Marvin

xxxxx ps my Blog is
but I am away from it at the moment cos of family probs but just wanted u to know how dangerous grapes are to dogs.

oh and my mama says the baby is just the perfect one!

IndyPindy said...

Awww! Such cute babies!

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Hershey's baby is certainly adorable. You're lucky you have robins in your yard. When they get older, you can chase them, which is always fun. Me, I prefer squirrels. I love me a good squirrel!!!!


Momo :) said...

Nice to meet you Copper!

Amazing!! I just saw the picture of those blue eggs. The Baby robins are so cute! Hershey's baby is also soooo adorable!


hana said...

Copper, I finally posted something on my bloggy after a long while. I posted some stuff you might be interested in...