Thursday, May 24, 2007

Celebrity Look-alike ...

Lorenzo and Luckie tagged me for the Celebrity Look-alike game. My Mom wants to know who started this because she says it is HARD. But she is going to go with Antonio Bandaras and she has to tell you how she came up with that.

Today my Daddy took the day off and he and Mom went to lunch at the salad pizza place. (Naturally they DID NOT take me, of course ....humpf!)

This is a what it looks like. It is not a fancy place but Mom LOVES the salad pizza they make. It is an italian restaurant and they have pictures of actors and actresses on the wall along with all the other "pseudo-italian" decor and it reminded Mom of the Celebrity Lookalike tag game.
She told my Dad about the game and asked him who he thought I looked like. She said that as she was telling him the story about the game and Lorenzo and Luckie and what it meant to be tagged, she laughed at herself because she couldn't believe she was having a conversation with Dad about my blog and my blog friends and which celebrity I looked like!!! Only Hershey's mother can REALLY appreciate this but I am telling you anyway. You see my Dad is the somewhat serious type and does not read my blog (even though he reads everything else in the universe) and sometimes almost makes fun of my Mom for being my secretary! (I know, my feelings are hurt about it .... but he feeds me more than Mom does and he scratches my back when it doesn't itch so I forgive him.)
But anyway, Dad answered right away with Antonio Bandaras because when I was a puppy Dad sometimes called me Zoro. He says it was because I took things. In fact he anted to name me Zoro but Mom said "No."
So, in honor of my Dad, I say I look like Antonio Bandaras. Thanks Dad. He's cool! He also has black hair, dark eyes and long nose.

Oh, and Mom says to tell all you food people that Salad Pizza is a hand tossed style pizza crust with a tomato base pizza topping, baked and then topped with a cold salad consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, purple onions and some seasonings in a red wine vinegrette italian type dressing. No cheese. It is served cold and Mom says it rocks. And she is shocked to see that they have a web site!


Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Copper,
hehe..I still think you look more handsome than Antonio anyday. *swoon* You have the dark intense look just like him..and you do it better of course.
My Mom says she understands how your Mom feels when she tries to share with your Dad about blogging dogs, tagging & wat nots. My Dad doesn't quite get the blogging thing too but at least he helps with the piktures. We aren't even sure if he reads my blog. hehe...
PS : We are still waiting for your tummy pikctures!!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Copper, Antonio is as dashing as you. :) I think you look very handsome.

~ Girl girl

Maggie said...

Your dad chose just the right celebrity! More twinsies! It's all about the nose!

Love ya lots,

Dachsies Rule said...

Oh my! In those last two pictures Roxie just got lost in the eyes. Your dad is right that Antonio looks just like you. That makes him a very handsome human.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Reina the Doxie said...

Hi Copper,

You are really good looking!
Have you seen the pretty Baba Jessica Luckie?



Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper. Your are so handsome! Zorro!
I am sure your dad does read your blog but he just doesn't admit it!
That Salad Pizza sounds great!!
Have a nice day

hana said...

Oh Copper, I think it's so funny that your Mom was telling your Dad about your bloggy! Yeah, my Dad doesn't check my blog either. You'd think if anyone was interested in your life, it'd be your parents, huh! Geez...

I think you hit it on the mark! Antonio Banderas looks like YOU! You're handsome. Antonio happens to be handsome too, but just not as handsome. You got a good picture comparison there!

I'm gonna check out your salad pizza restaurant now! I bet Ivy will too!

hana said...

Oh, I thought I was gonna see a picture of the salad pizza, but the restaurant's web site doesn't have a pic!

hana said...

Copper, I showed my dad your look alike post and he thought you are so clever to think of Antonio Banderas! You cracked him up big time!

Zach said...

OMD .. I think we must be like long lost brothers or something .. I really WAS named Zorro .. when I came to live with my Mom she changed my name to Zach! WOW!!!

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Hi ya Copper, That post made me laugh...the Antonio Banderas thing. The photo your Mom posted of you compared to the photo of Antonio is perfect. Very funny!


Asta said...

Antonio's not bad, but compared to you he's handsome devil

Jackson said...

Yep, I can see the resemblance! I bet your Dad secretly looks at your blog when no-one's around! J x