Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's different from Singapore .....

Luckie recently posted about what it is like in Singapore. My Mom has been to Thailand but she has never been to Singapore. Luckie's description of Singapore makes it sound very beautiful and interesting, and very different from Augusta, Georgia. (I think I want to go to Singapore and visit Luckie someday. She's really cute.) Since I enjoyed reading about Singapore because it is so different, I thought maybe some of you would like to know about my hometown.

the Riverwalk (I've never been there)

Augusta is in west Georgia on the Savannh River on the border of South Carolina and Georgia . It is Georgia's second-oldest and second-largest city. Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia. Augusta is famous for the Master's Golf Tournament .

The Master's (never been here either)

You may have heard Augusta mentioned in the news this Christmas when James Brown passed away. He was from Augusta. This statue of him is on a street downtown.

We have museums and a riverwalk and the Augusta Canal and lots of other things to see and do.

the Augusta Canal - dogs can walk along side it - I've been there

Unlike Singapore, most people live in houses or apartments (not tall ones like where Luckie lives.) I live in a house. Mom and Dad drive everywhere in their cars (and they sometimes take me!) and do not take public transportation like you can do in some big cities. Traffic is not bad, nothing like Atlanta. We have lots of churches (my Mom and Dad go to one) and shopping (my favorite store is Petsmart) and we have good schools (not that I know because I don't go to school.) My favorite place to go in the car is where we get ice cream.

my yard

I have a small fenced-in yard in my front yard. I have never been in my back yard because my Mom says it is yuccy and scary back there. It is kinda wooded and she can't keep up with it. I like my front yard. And how can I saw this delicately Luckie ..... it's my bathroom.

Azaleas (they block my view of the street!!!)

Augusta is called the 'Garden City' and people here grow their fair share of flowers and plants. Some people think Augusta is prettiest in the spring during the first week of April, which is not co-incidentally when they hold the Master's Golf Tournament. The azaleas and dogwoods bloom then and the pine pollen decends from the trees and gets in my dogwater. They say people have a lot of allergies here. I must have allergies too because every year about this time I start itching!!!! (I am itching NOW!) I have squirrels in my yard and I try to chase them but I never catch them. I have birds too, even owls. If Mom would let me go down to the creek, I might get to see a beaver or and turtle or a maybe a deer. I would never see a big tall elk like Zach might see or find a juicy mole some some other dogs might have.

my Dogwood tree

The weather here is warm, but I know it's not as warm as Singapore. Once in a while it snows here but it melts in a day or two. When it snows here, the whole city stops and the schools close.

That's my city. I still want to go visit Luckie though.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Cooper, Augusta is very nice. Can I go visit you if I ever go there?

~ Girl girl

Maggie said...

Your city is just beautiful Copper! Mom is ooohing and aaaaaaaaahing over all the pretty flowers! Thanks for sharing!

Love ya lots,

Luckie the Dachie said...

hey Copper,
Great's very informative and you know what? I think Augusta seems like a great place with lots of greenary and flowers!! Your yard is lovely too..your Mom has green fingers for sure.
That Riverwalk place looks like a nice place to go for a walk. Is it for dogs or only open for hoomans?
I wanna go over for a visit!!

Dachsies Rule said...


Augusta is very nice! We will have to post some more pictures about the country. We could post some about Houston but it's just a big, big city and most people probably have a good idea of what it looks like.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Tansy said...

Thank you Copper! That was a Lovely description of your Hometown. Your Yard is Perfect for you. I love the big front Porch. I feel relaxed just looking at it.

Is the Dogwood tree in honor of you? Or Holly?


Pearly said...

It is always nice to see what other doggies live at, the surrounding, the life style, the streets... etc. Love the pics!

JustMeCopper said...

Girl girl,
Sure you can come visit. Bring your cage.

I think Icn go to the Riverwalk, I'll have to look into it.

I'd still like to hear about Houston.

Har, har, har about the dogwood tree. Actually that is really funny, my Mom says she never thought of that ... DOGwood tree! What is even funnier ... is that Holly is buried under that DOGwood tree. Thanks for thinking of that!!

Reina the Doxie said...

its really pretty where you stay!~

I love the snowman!

Asta said...

What a bootiful home you have, I love your dogwoodtree, and that porch to snooze on and watch your pwetty yard, wow it's you get to go in the canoo? I have a river walk next to my house, ahm I mean apartement, and it's really nice to walk there( I had some pics of it in an older post). thanks for saying the nice things about my Mummy's paintings. I love Dachsies and so does my Mummy. come visit, and put your picture on my guestbook. If it's ok I want to be friends, kisses, ASTA

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Copper, You are an excellent tour guide!

Lorenza said...

Hola Copper. I think Augusta is a pretty nice place. You know my mom likes golf and the Masters of course, so she watched a special report the television made from your city. She says it is beautiful and those flowers, wow!
I liked a lot your post.
Have a nice weekend

hana said...

Wow, Copper, you sure live in a nice city and a nice home! I love all the flowery things in your yard, except when they have bees. I got stung on my nose from a bee one time. My momma says she love pansies and likes how your momma put the pansies on the picket fence. Oh, and she likes picket fences too. My mom asked your mom if you'd like to trade houses!

My mom says she has been to Atlanta twice and every street had the word Peach in it!

Jackson said...

It's very pretty where you live. That statue of James Brown isn't very flattering is it?! J x