Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Mom is back and I have new routines....

Well, just when I had almost forgotten her, my Mom finally came back. She came home late yesterday making my dinner late. I did the right thing and gleefully said "Hello, hello hello! ... I missed you so much." and peed all over her with excitement and then I ran over to my Dad, who has been taking care of me for two weeks, and said "Who is that again?" Then I jumped up on the loveseat on the porch, my favorite outside spot, and laid down and refused to come speak to her anymore. That will teach her to leave me!

Me on my favorite loveseat

Dad told her about my new routine. She didn't like it. I get TWO cookies in the morning instead of ONE and I get one of the cookies when Dad lets me leave the safety of my fenced in yard and go through the gate and through the garage and into the kitchen. This is Dad's ploy to trap me in the kitchen so he can go to work without having to fish me out from under the dining room table like Mom does. Mom did not like the part about leaving the yard and going through the garage because I could have run into the street. But who says her ways are best anyway? She doesn't get to decide if she isn't here right??? Dad's can do things differently right?

My cookies

Mom also thinks I am a little fatter. Besides getting TWO cookies instead of ONE, Mom thinks Dad interprets a "scoop" differently than she does. I think I like Dad's scoops better. I will have to have Mom take a picture of my tummy (I've been tagged) to show you and you can all tell her I am not fat.

I was really mad at my Mom when she unpacked her suitcase and I smelled Hershey on her clothes. I looked really hard but I couldn't find Hershey in the suitcase so I can only guess she went to see him and didn't bring him home with her. I also smelled a different smell in her clothes, one I didn't recognize. It smelled like spit up milk ... I don't get it. Hershey and Nixon don't drink milk. I did read signals in the suitcase from Hershey that his baby sister is taking up all his mother's time and that he is trying to get attention anyway he can get it like by stealing my Mom's dinner when she was taking care of the baby. And he tells me he never gets people food!!! ........ whatever!

Hershey was NOT in the suitcase

The baby birds in my yard are gone and I didn't get to eat any like Loki did. I have to tell you about going to work with Miss Cindy and about seeing some horses. I have a lot of blogging to do to catch up with my friends. I have to show a tummy picture and tell you about where I live like Luckie did. I haven't been able to read much of anybody elses blog because my Mom had my laptop so y'all be patient with me while I catch up.


Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Copper!!
I was wondering where did you go! hehehe..I was rolling on the floor with laughter when I was about how you "welcomed" your Mom home. It was a WARM welcome indeed with the pee all over her.
Your dad's routine of two cookies a day sounds very sensible. Going to the kitchen is fine if you get a cookie right? Mom gives me treats to get me to go into my playpen too.
You look us your cute belly eh? :) I hope your Mom isn't going to make you go on a diet or something. That'd be crappy!!!
Darn, Hershey should have just gotten into her luggage.

hana said...

I think your Dad's way is better than your Mom's way. I wish you had a video showing you going through your yard, through the date, through the garage and into the kitchen... just following your nose, huh?! Nothing wrong with that!

Glad you are back Copper! We both gotta get back to blogging!

Maggie said...

Dads always seem to give a little extra when moms are away and then mom comes home and the fun is gone! What's up with that?!

Love ya lots,

Dachsies Rule said...


We are glad you are going to be able to blog now. We have missed you!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Lorenza said...

Hi Copper. I missed you! My grandpa does the same thing giving me more treats and food and when my mom finds out... Olaaalaaa!!

Zach said...

Maybe you should send your Mom away again, heh heh heh ... you know you're going to get cut back again to one measly cookie's how Moms are!