Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Two can play at this game ....

Since Hershey published an embarrassing picture of me on his blog today, I am giving you all this embarrasing picture of him practicing to be a real live baby.

As you may know, there is a rumor that a baby is coming to his house. I don't know how that works ... I have been to his house and I have not seen any babies in the neighborhood, or in his yard or anything. Not very many people know where they live, certainly not any babies anyway. But his mother says a baby is coming. Maybe they could not answer the door for a while.

So here is a picture of Hershey filling in to demonstrate a baby sling. Hershey did NOT ask to be carried around in this by the way. He says he can't BARK from here! He might like to be carried around in it at Petsmart ... he always gets scared in the pet store. I won't tell you what he did the last time he went there. VERY embarrasing. But, I shouldn't talk ... I get scared in there too ... and I went to school there.


Fu Fu said...

Haa haa. Hershey sure does look like a baby in that pic. :)

~ fufu

hana said...

Aw, Hershey looks so cute in the baby sling! I remember what Hershey did that one time at the pet store. That was a funny story!

I wonder if Hershey's mom is going to have a girl dachsie or a boy dachsie. Or, maybe the stork will bring the baby!

Zach said...

Hey - how cute!

hershey the doglet said...

hana, my mom found out yesterday that she is having a girl human baby yesterday. they are excited and i just don't want to talk about it! she likes to stick me in this sling cause i'm only about 10 pounds and she says that the baby will weigh that eventually, so she sticks me in it to test it. she got crafy and sewed it, it was very simple, i watched her from my bed. i always BEG to sit in her lap while she is sewing and she always says NO...this baby is going to suck!

hana said...

Hershey I think your mom should make YOU a baby sling too!! Gotta be fair! You came first so you should be carried around too. Do you like to be carried?

Isabella said...

Gosh, Copper, aren't you glad that the baby is going to be at Hershey's house instead of yours? Believe me, my experience with the Human's grand baby wasn't all that enjoyable. They scream, chase you,
and their butts stink really bad.

I tag you Copper! Visit my blog for the details.
Big Wags,

Shannon said...

How are things going with the crate saga? I'm assuming the holidays went ok, cause Hershey was around and so were your humans but now that things are getting back to normal, how is it all going?

JustMeCopper said...

Shannon, My mother gave up on the crate. Now, when she goes to work, I just get the run of the kitchen, which is the old way. I'd prefer the run of the house but alas, that is not the way it is.