Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Thanks Dad!!!!

I got a meatball! It just fell from the sky! Dad tried to pick it up off the floor but I got to it first! It was HOT and I had to hold it in my mouth for a minute before I ate it but it was SO GOOD! I did not know people food tasted so yummy! I am going to hang around by the stove more often!


hana said...

Wow, it fell from the sky? I will be looking for more things to fall from the sky.

I'm glad you got to the meatball first. Usually when people pick up food off the floor, they use some kind of weird 2 second rule to decide if they will eat it or throw it away. People are so wasteful!

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I'm not allowed in the kitchen. I'll never get skyballs.

Fu Fu said...

Woh, lucky you. You should keep your eyes on the sky more often now

~ fufu

Rosco the wonder mutt said...

mmmm...meatballs! That is some good stuff. My mom lets me eat the stuff that falls on the floor if I sit and wait for her to tell me "ok". I'm a good boy! (Well, she thinks I am...I just know what I gotta do for some people food!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog Copper! I love reading everyone elses blogs!

Lots of love,