Thursday, January 11, 2007

A tip for doggies who can't see very well anymore ...

Hey dogfriends. I get this email called "DogAge Tip of the Week" and I just have to share the tip they sent to me this week. It so would have helped my old sister Holly when she got to where she could not see very well anymore. She had things in her eyes that made her nto be able to see very well when she got old. Here is the tip from
Let His Sniffer Be His Eyes
Janaury 11, 2007
Blind dogs rely on smelling and hearing to make their way in the world. Here's how you can take advantage of Fido's keenest sense. Bumping into things and having trouble navigating is not uncommon for dogs who are vision-impaired. You can minimize mishaps and make getting around a lot easier by marking each area of the house with a different scent, using pinecones, candles, or air fresheners to create a sniffable map of his surroundings. Try a drop of vanilla extract by his food and water dishes, a spot of peppermint essential oil on his bed, and your favorite potpourri by the door you use when taking him out for walks.
My lazy Mom finally took the Christmas tree down today. She set her own personal record for the length of time she left a Christmas tree up, but she is trying to not be too hard on herself after everything that has happened this year. Besides, we didn't put it up till 3 days before Christmas.


hana said...

Copper, that is a really good suggestion. I hope my mom remembers this if and when my eye sight starts failing. It will also make the house smell good! Vanilla, peppermint, and how about chocolate?

That is a cute plaque in remembrance of Holly. Is it a plaque? Where is it in your house? Does your mom have other remembrance items of her other furkids who have passed? Can you tell us more about Holly sometime?

Ivy said...

oooo! i like that suggestion too! if i ever lose my site then i wud like my peepol to mark my front door with rawhides and my kitchen with chicken. they can put ribs in my hallway so i know ware that is keep sum ground beef next to the pooter so i know where to blog.

hey hey! i think i am losing some site rite now! get busy peepol!