Thursday, January 04, 2007

I've been tagged ....

Isabella tagged me to give you my 5 New Year's Resolutions. I had to think about that a lot.... and I am still thinking. But I guess I can do it. Let's see.

1. Take my Mom on more slow sniffy walks. I would love to go on one everyday. Everydog should write her back and make her feel really guilty about not taking me for walks more often. She quit taking me for walks because she says I dawdle too much!

2. Meet more dogs with blogs and blog about more interesting stuff. I need to have a more exciting life first though.
3. Visit my grandaddy in Florida more often and learn to like it on his screened in porch.

4. Do something cute enough to get on Amimal Planet's Funniest Home Videos. It is on every afternoon when Mom comes home from work but does she enter me? No!

5. Get a doggie girlfriend, even a cyber one. If I can't get one to come live with me, maybe I can have a blog girlfriend. All this talk about engagement collars has made me want a girlfriend.


Dachsies Rule said...


I'm available. (blink, blink)


Zach said...

Oh my dog ... you're in for it now! I see the purchase of an engagement collar in YOUR future! Woooo ....

hana said...

Copper, do you think your mom would get a girl doggie for you? That would be so cool if you could have a permanent girlfriend instead of a cyber one. I can see it now... you could have a sparkly blue or gold engagement collar and she could have a pink engagement collar.

Fu Fu said...

Copper. I love to watch "Amimal Planet's Funniest Home Videos" I hope you get to star in it soon. :)

~ fufu

nikita said...

copper, i will be your girlfriend.
you sound like a great boyfriend.
i am 6 yrs old. i am beautiful, part dachshund and part pomeranian.
i have the long body of a dachshund and long reddish brown fur.
i have a lt green collar with colored stones on it. my name is sophie. i wish i could attach a picture for you. i will have to start a blog so you can see me.
you can email me at thats my moms address and she will send you a picture of me. talk to you later.

Elizabeth K said...

Copper, that is a very handsome picture of you. If I showed it to Lulu she would probably lick the screen.

Shmoo said...

Ms. Copper's Human Woman,

I would like to point out, as Copper's Attorney at Claw, that the walks are for COPPER, not you. If you want exercise, then I suggest that you walk yourself, perhaps purchase a nice stylish collar and leash for the ocassion, but Copper's walks are for Copper, and if he wants to dawdle, and do slow sniffy walks, then its COPPER'S time, not your time.

Please don't make me start up another Clawsuit, and take Copper for a walk and let him dawdle.


Attorney at Claw

salchicha & lilly said...

copper, we think you mom will get the hint and take you for walks now!

We enjoy blogging also, wish mom would just leave the computer on for us during the day so we could do more. Seems at night she doesn't have as much time as we want to blog..

JustMeCopper said...

Thank you Meshka and Salchicha & Lilly for backing me up. Maybe I will get more walks now. My Mom gets plenty of walks .. she started exercising outside with some friends at a park and she walks and runs and plays with weights. I don't know why she does not take me with her! I wouldn't be in the way!! Perhaps she will listen to all of you.

Ivy said...

wowie! meeshka is one good lawyer! i will haf to remember that if my peepol get lazy in the walking department.

copper i totally unnerstand - my randy lets me stop to sniff every tube but sumtimes he gets tired of waiting and says hurry up ivy! keep walking! and i say hey hey! i am walking here!

*sigh* sum peepol just dont unnerstand wuts reelly important!

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Copper, watch out for those cyber girlies....they tell you that you are the only one then you see a list of their boyfriends on their blog. It is all rather demeaning...stick to chasing Nixon.

And this is for Copper's Mom. Dear Ms Copper's Mom, he needs more slow walks. Take a border collie for a walk if you need exercise.

your friend,


JustMeCopper said...

What do border collies do on walks?

Isabella said...

Copper, I am sure the girls are going to be lining up for you as soon as word gets out that you are looking for a girlfriend. Just stay clear of the hoochie mamas, they will break your heart.

Copper's Mom- please take Copper on at least one slow sniffy walk a day. We dogs don't have the busy and interesting lives that you human's have, and we are at your mercy - Copper can't take himself for a walk. How would you like to sit at home day in and day out? We need to sniff and explore on our walks! It's what we do! It would be like taking you to the most fantastic shopping center in the country, and telling you that you had to walk thru it as fast as you could walk and not be allowed to slow done to look or touch anything.

Copper, if your mom doesn't start taking you for slow sniffy walks every day, maybe you can hire a dog walker after you win oodles of money on Funniest Video.
Big Wags,

JustMeCopper said...

Geepers Isabella ... you really put it in perspective for my Mom with the shopping analogy. That should work! Thanks.