Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What do you blog about when you have nothing to blog about? My life is so boring sometimes. I did go for a walk tonight. Mom has started taking me for walks but this is the second time she went on a loooonnnnggg walk. I tell you, I nearly died! I told her I wanted to go back home several times but she told me that if we kept going, we'd get home faster. I don't know what in the heck THAT means! I do know that I hate to walk in tall grass and on rocky ground so a couple of times Mom carried me. Yes ... she carried me. I think I need a stroller. Sorry I don't have any pictures of Mom carrying me.

Mom went to buy a present for Hershey's baby the other day and she found this book.

She just had to have it so she bought it for herself. (She justifies buying it because she says that someday she'll be able to read it to her grandchildren ... that is if they ever come visit her.) Anywho, it is about dogs. Mom is collecting books about dogs. I'll have to show you the others. But here are a few pages from this book. I'll post the other ones soon... drag it out, ya know.

These pages are about dachsunds. Naturally Mom is partial to dachshunds.


Hana said...

Copper, that looks like a great dog book! I think your Mom should read it to YOU. She doesn't need grandchildren to read to when she's got you to read to. I think you'd probably like bedtime stories.



The Mommy reads to me all the time. I like your dog book. That little red doggie looks just like my brudder Toby.