Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More about Mom's book ..... and A SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom must have been thinking about me when she bought this book. I am doing a lot of ear shaking and scratching lately. When someone with opposable thumbs pulls the tabs on the end of the pages, the dogs shake and scratch. ............ I do it without opposable thumbs.

But my big news of the day is my Daddy killed a baby Copperhead snake in my driveway today when he backed out of the driveway this morning!!!!!!! The copperhead was surely on his way to get me I bet. Yikes!!!


Hana said...

Copper!!! A copperhead snake? That sounds scary. It's good your Daddy had the car handy. Did he know he backed over it or did your Mom find it later? Is that the actual snake in the photo? I sure hope your parents disposed of it!

That is really a cute book. I hope your Mom reads it to you at bedtime. By the way, you're better than the dogs in the book because you can do the exact same things they can, but you can do them on your own. It's nice to be independent.


Oh no Copper. Another copperhead?
You know waht happened to Roxie and Sammy when a copperhead bit them. They are OK now but it was very scary. Thank his Dogness your Daddy killed that devil.

Love Mona

Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper!
Glad there is no more a snake there at your house!
Take care

James said...

I was conducting an outdoor drama last night in N.C.and a Copperhead snake come on the scene. The stage manager screamed and ran. The snake was coming towards me. I grabbed a prop and beat it's head until it finally died.