Saturday, September 29, 2007

A sudden burst of poetry ...

Today was a Saturday
and I stayed home with Dad
Mother shopped for furniture
to replace the stuff we have.

She wants to have a special dinner
on that day you fix a turkey.
She needs to seat all the family
and what we have just doesn't worky.

Worky is not a real word
but it works in my rhyme
I hope you can overlook it
just this one time.

New dining room furniture
seems to me like a bore
just to have a place to eat
why can't they just eat on the floor?

Dogs don't require chairs and tables
when we eat our dinner.
People should be more like dogs
and their life would be much simpler.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper.
My dear poet! You must understand humans. They need stuff to be happy. The same happens here in my house! You are so right, if they were like us their lifes would be simpler!
Have a good night

River said...

Your poems are so great Copper - an you are right if humans were more like us dogs their lives would be so much easier!!


Hana said...

Oh Copper, you make me swoon....

Hana said...

p.s. I think worky is now a genuine word!

MONA, JACKS & TOBY TOO !! said...

Heya Copper,

What a poet you are, Mona says you can write pretty words like this for her all the time.

We have a question? We haven't seen any posts from Hershey in a while. Is everything OK?

Love you lots...Just us and The Mommy too!!

Isis said...

I like the word 'worky'

i think its great. and yes it fits your poem nicely.

I think you should write like this alllll the time.

it makes me happy inside.


Ivy said...

tee hee copper! you are indeed a good poet and i think your rhymes defiantly worky.

i agree that peepol get too much stuff. they go away all day to work instead of going for walks and then they spend all the greenies they worked for just to get more stuff that they cant even chew on. wut a waste!

Lili said...

Hiya Copper!

I haven't commented before (I'm a Blogger Newbie), but I do really love your blog! You, Hershey, and LuckieGirl inspired me to start my own at

I hope you'll come visit some time--I'd love to be your friend :)
ps. I think you're a fabulous poet!