Friday, September 28, 2007

I barked at a bug ....

Outside, outside ... today I'm out here
Mom is at work and I am sniffing the air that's so clear.
The grass is green, and the sun is not hot
I am a happy dog right here in this spot.

I can bark all I want in my little front yard
there are lizards and bugs and chasing them's not hard.
I can bark and bark at people that pass
and nap in my bed and simply relax.

When Mom gets home she'll give me a kiss
and I'll tell her about the things she missed.
She'll take me inside and feed me my dinner
What a wonderful day, I am truly a winner.


Isis said...

i love your new poetry copper.

Its really really great.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper
Like Isis said... are we before a new Copper? A poet??
Your are so good. Very talented!
Have a good night

Miss Reina said...

I bark at bugs too...well...I also bark at dust


Anonymous said...

What a great poem and that pic of you is just gorgeous!


Hana said...

Poem #2!! I like this one better because you got to play outside all day while your Mom was at work. I do hope that no one dognaps you. My Mom says it's somehow reassuring that I am now microchipped, but still, if someone dognaps me, because I am so cute, the dognappers probably won't give me up!!