Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A letter from my neighbor Max ....

Hi dogfriends .....

Today I got up like usual and went poddy and got a cookie .... wait, I didn't get a cookie ......Mom says she is out of cookies .... but aside from not getting a cookie, it was a usual morning. Mom was doing the work day routine ... which is different from the church day routine, and the stay home with ME day routine, so I was getting ready to go hide under the dining room table when all of a sudden .... Mom got out THE LEASH! I had heard her talk on the phone and say the word 'roof' and "too noisy for you Copper' and then she got the leash out and told me I was going on a car ride! Shazam!

When we got in the car I saw this big truck and these men and Mom talked to Miss Cindy and said something about the neighbors must be taking out trees and I was getting a new roof. Mom also said she was sorry that Miss Cindy had to be home sick on such a noisy day. So I went to work with Mom and while I was there, I got this email from Max. He lives next door with Miss Cindy. (Yeah, his Mom is a vet. I wonder if she does that awful temperature thing to him every day at his house?!) Yuck. Anyway, here's his letter.

Hi Copper,

Boy are you sure missing out. I saw you in the car with your mommy this morning. Sad day for you. Although... I guess you' haven't gone to see your vet for unspeakable tortures since my momma is right here with me. She keeps telling me to shush when I bark at ALL the peepul and stuff outside. Let me try to fill you in.

I guess you were in your mommy's car and you saw the big tree this morning, in the road, and then it disappeared inside of the big truck that says Bull Dog on it. I haven't seen the bull dog yet. Nor the tree since. Hmmm ......

then tree 2: there are these strangers in the tree across the street, right by where the last tree disappeared, and all this loud noise and the limbs just keep coming off, and I know it is getting cooler and leaves are falling, but limbs?? And I am still keeping my eyes open for that Bull Dog, or a small dog.

tree 3: Right outside my house is this BIG black truck, and there is a man up on top of it. Maybe the dog is inside that truck.

tree4: this little machine thingy, my momma says its a bobcat, it has these trees in its jaws. That is very scary. I have never seen a cat that big, and if it is really a cat, I don't want to mess with it. George, the cat believes my momma though, because he was grinning when she said it. I am sure he will use that BIG bobcat against me one day. Blasted.

tree5 : Well anyway, this 'bobcat' has trees in its jaws, and it lifts them high above the truck and puts them in it. And then goes for more. Scary.

All this excitement, and you are not here to yell to and I am told to shush. All this, and they are so loud, I can't sleep. Maybe you are better off where you are. house......hahem........well, I'll explain later.

Love, Max

There's more to the story but you'll have to tune in tomorrow for the rest of it.

(what a mess!)


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Copper,
It was nice of Max to email you to keep you posted of what's happening!! I want to know what happens next?

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Wow- that sounds so exciting! I can't wait to hear the rest of it. Max sure is lucky to be on site. Too bad you couldn't stay with Max's mum for the day and see for yourself. At least he is keeping you posted.


Hana said...

Oh, I love the tree gossip! But, what's with the roof? Are they going to take the roof off of your dog house?

Freda said...

Whoa, Coppers! What a storys barked by Max. Sorrys you weren't there. Can't waits fo the next installment.



Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper
Max is very nice keeping you informed about what is going on there! We need to know the last part of the story! Let us know!
Have a good night