Monday, July 16, 2007

What?! No pictures?!

Yep, no pictures! Mom says it is technical difficulties. I think she is just slacking off and paying attention to Hershey's BAAAABBBYYYY. Admittedly, she is pretty cute but HELLO! ..... pay attention to me TOO! And I neeeedddd pictures on my blog! So because I don't have ANY pictures, I will have to be delightfully funny so that you will not go visit Meeshka's blog instead .. because I hear it is really funny.

OK, first the baby ... she is really cute but there are RULES! Ivy, pay attention.

1. You cannot chew up the nipple on her bottle (even though it tastes really good with that milk stuff in it and the silicone texture felt really good on my gums. If you chew up the nipple on her bottle, you WILL get scolded.
2. Dogs are no allowed on the bed when Mom changes the baby. I just wanted to check out the neat smells up there, lavender scented powder and diapers and wipes and poo .. it all smelled really yummy. But no, I am not allowed on the bed. (I am always allowed on the beds! not fair)
3. Another rule, I am not allowed to sit in the special chair when Mom holds the baby. Mom lets me sit there with her without the baby but she says there is no room when she holds the baby.
4. I can't lay on the toy blanket baby amusement park thing that has all these crinkly, dangly, stuffies all over it. I am also not allowed to chew on the crinkly, dangly, stuffies.
5. Barking while the baby is taking a nap is not allowed. Even if a lady walks in front of your house in the daytime, you are not allowed to bark at her.

Second, Hershey ....

Mom promised that I could have a birthday party and invite Hershey but we haven't had it yet. There is still some Welcome Home Pound Cake left and I am hoping we can use it to have a party to celebrate my birthday. Hershey is great. He has been practicing his barking technique and he really got into it today when the lady walked past my house. This man came to the house on Sunday and we barked at him really well, till he gave us each a cookie .. then we decided he was OK and could come in. We laid on the porch for a while this afternoon so we could warm our bellies, that was fun. He tinkles on all of my tinkles and he thinks that makes him the boss, but I am older and it is my house! I promise to get some pictures of us.

Third, Nixon ...

Cats are so retarded. Do you know that cats like to drink water from the faucet? We have a perfectly good water bowl in the kitchen but will he drink from it? ... no! He sits by the sink and waits for you to walk by and turn on the faucet for him. Gheesh! Other than sitting by the sink, you never see him. He does have this really neat cat 'jail' set up for him upstairs. He has this awesome food and I can't get to it because it is inside the jail. I'll take a picture of that too.

I promise I'll have pictures soon. Technical difficulties my foot!


Hana said...

Life isn't fair when Hershey's baby is around. Do you think your mom could buy you your own toy blanket baby amusement park? That might keep you occupied while your mom fusses over Hershey's baby. I sure hope your Mom comes through with a birthday party for you. You deserve it Copper. Both you and Hershey deserve it for having to put up with all those new rules.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys allowed to give Miri kisses?

JustMeCopper said...

Yes Zach, we are allowed to give her kisses, but that's about all! She tastes like milk ... hmmm yummy!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Copper,
Can you believe Mom hasn't allowed me to open your present YET?? The nerve of that woman!!
Oh wow, so many rules just for little Miriam. I hope to see some piktures soon..don't let your Mom slack okay?
Say Hi to Hershey for me!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper.
I know it must be difficult for you with all those rules in your house!! We don't want to blame Miriam but sure is her fault!
We are still waiting for your party!
We will wait too for pictures!!
Have a nice day

Lady Kaos said...

I've been trying to convince my paretns into getting me a kid to play with. She keeps saying they start off as babies, but I didn't like the sound of babies before and now I really don't! I'm aloud on the bed and couch and anything else and that's just that!

Reina the Doxie said...

Oh no! So many rules to obey! Thats not fun!
But then again, she is just so so cute!