Sunday, July 01, 2007

I killed Mr. Peabody .....

Well, it is nearly one week after my birthday and I still have no cake or presents from my Mom ....... or my Dad. My Mom tells me she made a special trip to the doggie boutique on Saturday, but they were CLOSED. The doggie boutique is waaaayyyy over by the fancy furniture store that has a once a year tent sale near the 4th of July. She said she always makes a point of going to the sale and looking at the furniture and so she went by the doggie boutique to see if there was anything ... besides stuffed toys .... to buy me. Why she doesn't want to get me any stuffed toys is beyond me. And why the doggie boutique is closed in the early afternoon on a Saturday is beyond Mom. And why my Mom can't get started on her Saturday errands earlier, is beyond me. So, still no presents. (Copper, be patient.)

Meanwhile Miss Cindy, my absolute favorite vet, brought me a CARD and TWO GIFTS! The card has a picture of an iguana on the front. She wrote me name on the card like this.

Don't you like it? I thnk I may use it for my logo if I ever start my own business. She also gave me a blue picture frame that my Mom can put my picture in. Then she can take it to work and put it on her desk. That way I can be on her mind when she is at work so that she will remember to buy me presents! Then she gave me a stuffie of Mr. Peabody. He is a cartoon character that has a boy for a pet.
All of us dogs know that this is the way it really is, isn't it? The peepol think they own their dogs but we know it is the other way around.
Anyway, this is a picture of me doing a SIT so I can pose with Mr. Peabody.

This is me grabbing him when I am tired of posing.

This is me taking him to the sofa for some surgery. Goodbye Mr. Peabody.


Ricky Pepper said...

Happy Birthday Copper! I do agree that Mr. Peabody needed to have some rhinoplasty and an eye lift. I am sure you proceeded with that very carefully :)

sniff sniff,
Ricky Roo

Luckie Girl said...

Hiya Copper,
Miss Cindy is such a nice lady. Mr Peabody looks like he needs a lipawsuction. Show us the aftermath of the opawration ok?
Oh yes, I was asking for your email. Can you leave me a comment with your email? :)
PS : I wanna see what happened to Mr Brown Bear. Don't be shy Copper!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper.
Sometimes we can not understand our moms but sure they love us! Like she said... be patient!
Your face in the last picture says everything.... you will perform a surgery on Mr. Peabody. Is he still alive??
Have a good night

PiratesGrrl said...

STILL nothing??? What's she thinking? You better send us your address!

That's a cool toy and it was really nice of your vet! We like your logo too.

Bear :)

Zach said...

Great logo! I remember Mr. Peabody - I mean my Mom remembers Mr. Peabody - I'm just 3 so I don't have much to remember yet. I hope you tell your secretary to take an after picture too! I think you should just find something around the house that you like and take it as your birthday present ... maybe a nice shoe or two.

Hana said...

Oh Copper, your pics with Mr. Peabody are so cute. You are so good to restrain yourself while your mom made you pose with Mr. Peabody. Hmmm, something tells me that maybe Mr. Peabody doesn't have a body anymore.

Isabella said...

I think because you have waited so long for your mom to give you your presents that should get double the amount of gifts. I sure like your Mr. Peabody!
Big Wags,

Reina the Doxie said...

Hi Copper,
I am sure mum will throw you a good pawty that you deserve!
I like the card alot!
The last puc if you and mr peabody is kinda cheeky hehehe

Maggie said...

The best gift in the whole wide world will come to you because you're being patient and you're waiting! I sure hope this is true! Let us know, okay? And tell your mom to hurry it up!

Love ya lots,

Dachsies Rule said...

Copper! What are your mom and dad thinking? Don't they realize that they have the fourth sweetest dachsie in the world living in their house? (One, two and three live here.) If they don't take better care of you, you might just launch your own company with that cool logo and get rich and not need them anymore. There had better be some serious birthday presents to make up for the oversight and delay!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy
The three most modest dachsies in the world

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh,, I definately think that Mr. Peabody's intestines need to be looked at, ha rooooo!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I hope you get some nice presents soon. I like how Miss Cindy writes your name. Maybe you can sign your pawtograph like that in future

~ girl girl

Bailey said...

Hi, Copper. Thanks for visiting - I do the blog here and I speak for all the dogs in the house. Skippy can't spell and his grammar is awful, plus he chews on the mouse. I am much more articulate and sophisticatd, and gifted. What can I say! Can I add you to my buddy list? TTYL - Bailey

Tadpole said...

Hey Copper! WHAT?! No presents on your birthday?! Your mom sounds like MY girl!!! Disgraceful.... Maybe if she takes that picture frame to work with her it'll remind her of you and then she'll stop and buy you presents on the way home EVERY night! Maybe?

By the way, if it's okay with you I'm going to (finally) add you to my friends list....

Tadpole said...

Oh, and I forgot: I live in Illinos, USA... I guess Luckie's dad travels a lot!