Monday, December 31, 2007

The wind blown look ....

Hershey and I went for a walk the other day when it wasn't raining. It has rained a lot lately which is awesome because we haven't had much rain this year. But before it started raining, Granddaddy took us for a walk. It was a windy day. Don't we look handsome?

I hear that Hershey is going home tomorrow. I sure wish he did not live so far away because he and I are like brothers. I love him.... except for today when he tried to take my new toy away from me. Usually I let him have whatever he wants because ... well, I am just nice like that, but today I said no. We growled very nicely and quietly at each other and guess what happened? Mom took the toy away and put it up on the way up high place! Shucks. She says I can have it tomorrow.

I guess Hershey will be taking his baby sister home with him too. She is super cute and she tastes really good too. I love to lick her right in the face and she doesn't seem to mind. Her Mom does though. She also eats in a highchair and she drops things. We sit beside the high chair and man do we score sometimes! Twice she has dropped these awesome biter biscuits. Hershey got to it first each time though. I think he has more practice at catching her drops. I will keep trying. Her she is eating some ribbon. I don't eat ribbon.


Lady Kaos said...

You and Hershey look very handsome. Hershey's sister sure is growing up fast. She'll be able to play fetch any day now. Hershey should have let you have a couple of her drops since he gets them all the time.
Happy New Year!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper!
That is a very nice picture of you and Hershey!
Sure you will miss him. My cousins left my house this morning I am still looking for the around the house!
Sorry about the toy! Glad you will have it tomorrow!
Happy New Year for you, your Mom and Dad!
Kisses and hugs

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Copper,
My my..the two of you look absolutely dashing! :) It's a shame he has to go back home soon. Has your Mom decided if she's going to get you a companion?

Hana said...

That's a very sweet photo of you and Hershey together. And Hershey's baby eating ribbons is very cute! Yes, inquiring minds wanna know if you are going to get a companion.


Hi Copper & Hershey too,

i be back tomorrow since we gots the puter fixed today.

we have missed everybody & have lots of catching up to do.

so glad you and Hershey get to hang out together.

Love Mona and the Mommy

tooMUCH TOO believe said...

you won't believe yur not the others, honest to goodness picsPICTURES OF speeding watching dog whisperers on tv...

Tansy said...

Quite dashing, you and Master Hershey! It is good you get to Visit with him often. And young Miriam is still so Cute. Very Thoughtful of her to give you Biscuits.