Sunday, December 23, 2007

very busy mom ....

I apologize for not writing very much lately and for not visiting other dog's blogs very much. My mother, who helps me with my blog, has been very busy. First she went to Paris,

then had 1,276 people and a baby at the house for Thanksgiving

and then flew to Texas (without me) for Mari and Tabitha's Daddy's graduation from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Masters of Arts in Christian Education - she is very proud of him),

and then she had to shop for Christmas and now it is Christmas and she has company again. But she says she has her Christmas shopping done and only has to bake some cookies. Yum, I love cookies. Maybe she will drop one.

Last night something wonderful happened! I got to go on a car ride and when we stopped, Hershey was there and he came home and spent the night with me! He is still here! His Mom and Dad and his baby and Nixon are staying at another house in town but he is staying with me because we are best friends. I really do want to be best friends with him but I do not want to share my Mom with him. Last night Hershey and I were laying on the couch with my Mom and Hershey had the best spot. I watched him and watched him and leered at him and then I came up with a plan. I play bowed to him and jumped down off the couch like I wanted him to play. When he jumped down, I jumped up on the couch and got in the best spot and looked at him like "You can't have my Mom, she's mine!" My Mom laughed and laughed at me! Then she called Dad and Grandaddy and told them what I did! My feelings were hurt.

Which brings me to a question. Since I like to be with Hershey so much, and my Mom works, she has been wondering if it would be a good idea to get me a packmate. Meeshka has a pack, the Dachsies are a pack, and Pippen has a pack and a lot of you have packmates. She thinks about it for a while and then she decides it would be a bad idea, and then she thinks about it again and then she decides it would be a bad idea. So she can't decide. She would not want a baby puppy again so she has been looking at adoptable doxies. This is a goofy looking guy she saw the other night. She wrote the sdoption people about him but she has not heard anything yet. I am not sure about him.
He might like to get in the best spot on the couch and take my Mom away from me. What do you think?


Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper
A packmate sounds like a great idea.
That dachsie of the picture looks very cute! I really hope he can be part of your family soon!
Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth said...

Copper, when your mommy figures it out let me know. I can't decide if Lulu needs a friend either!

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Roxie says "Don't do it!"

Sammy, Andy & Mom say "Do it!" It's a little bit more work but twice as much fun ... and a whole lot of love and kisses! And if you adopt, you make room for another dachsie to be saved. And you will have someone to help you scare away carollers when they come by your house! And sometimes there are more treats because only one of you has to make cute face to get the treat box to come out!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Isis said...


I hear that a lot of people have more than one dachshund! you can't have just one! they keep each other company! but thats just what sister tells me. she works at the vets and says that most people have at least two.

you can have a friend and play with him and run and be happy! and guard from carolers together!

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

He looks like he might be a little slow so you could beat him out for the best spot. Also, he looks really lonely. I have cats for pack mates and my mom won't let me have a dog pack mate. I say go for it!


Casper said...

Merry Christmas Copper

Shmoo said...

You know my vote... go for the pack!

Merry Christmas and happy woo year


Reina said...

Hi Copper! Sounds like an eventful christmas for your mum!!! I think it will be a great idea to get a pack!

Merry Christmas!


Hana said...

Wowie Zowie, your Mom sure has been busy! But, it sure nice that Hershey is spending time with you now.

I got about 40 eskie holiday cards this year. My mom said she was counting the cards that had more than one doggie on it. There were 30 cards that had two (OR MORE) doggies in their household. That's a lot, don't you think? My mom's conclusion is that maybe it is a good idea to have a bigger pack. Let us know what your Mom (and Dad?) decides.

Merry Christmas, Copper and Hershey!!! Oh yeah, Copper, you sure were smart with your plan to take Hershey's spot on the couch.

Hana said...

Oh, one more thing. I always hear it is better to have one boy and one girl for a pack of two.

platooon of four said...

hana, you are craaaaazy

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Copper,
Merry Christmas to you too. Sorry that I am a tad bit late. I have been busy spending lotsa quality time with my hoomans over the holidays.
PS : My hoomans have been exploring the idea of getting a sister for me....Like you, I am not too sure I like the idea.

evilsoftheworld said...

we need to determine who has the most evil reindeers or squwirrels????anybody/ anybody?