Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My trip to Florida ....

Last week when I was in Florida for my Granddaddy's funeral, I took these pictures for you. This is me on the porch of my other Grandaddy's house. They call it a lanai. It is a screened in porch and I think if I lived there, I might get to like it a lot. I did not want to be out there by myself and my Mom was a little nervous letting me stay out there by myself. She thinks I might tear a hole in the screen if I really wanted to get out in the yard. If I can chew a hole in a plastic kennel, this screen would not stop me I don't think.

One night Mom took me for a walk down the street. I met a new girl puppy named Samantha. She was wiggley.

I saw this sign and took a picture of it for Zach. He lives at the North Pole. I wonder if his house is near my Grandaddy's house? I don't think so because I did not see any Mammoth bones or caribou or snow on my walk.

They do not have snow in Florida. This is the only kind of snow they have in Flordia.

They do have a lot of birds in Florida. These birds are always at my Grandady's house at the little pond in his back yard. I wonder if they are having a meeting or what?

This bird also lives in my Grandaddy's back yard. He isn't real though.

I like going to my Grandaddy's house. I like him a lot. I am working hard to take care of my Mom and my Dad right now. They are both pretty sad. Losing family is hard. I hope you are all patient with me until my Mom and Dad get back on thier feet again.


salchicha & lilly said...

Copper.. sorry about your granddaddy. Take care of your mom and dad and we will be here when things get back to normal.

Fu Fu said...

Copper, your Grandaddy's place look wonderful. You take good care of your mom and dad now.

~ fufu

hana said...

Copper, we are sorry about your granddaddy. Take good care of your mom and dad.

We are very glad you did not try to get through the lanai screen. Thanks for sharing your Florida pictures.

Dachsies Rule said...

Copper, we are also sad to hear about your granddaddy. We love our granddaddy and we don't want to lose him. Take care of your mom and dad and let them know they still have lots of love in their lives. You were so good to stay on the lanai.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Freda said...

Hey Copper,

Sooo sorry about your granddaddy. His home looks like a cooools place. If you need helps takin' care of your mom and dad let me knows.