Sunday, December 31, 2006

Let's pause now for a commercial .....

You know how your peepol shop after Christmas for those things they really wanted but didn't get? Did you get stuff for Christmas that you didn't want? Or were you like me and didn't get anything for Christmas? (I did at least get a cookie ... thank you Hershey.) Peepol buy clothes. I personally dislike clothes but I do wear a collar.

If you have been wanting a new collar, please allow me to recommend one. The Keep Safe Breakaway Collar is the collar I wear. It has a patented safety buckle that prevents me from getting strangled in an accident ..... like when Hershey and I wrestle. If I was to get the collar caught on something, the collar would come apart at the special buckle and come off my neck and I would not get hurt. When I go on a walk, Mom fastens the leash to the two D rings on the collar and then the collar will not come apart. I like the black one because it matches my fur. This picture shows the two rings for the leash.

On the collar, I wear a tag made by Boomerang Tags. Mine is the Adjustable Collar Tag. It slips on the collar so that there is nothing hanging off to jingle and make noise or catch on anything. It has my name on it and my address and Mom and Dad's phone number. I don't wear my rabies tag but Mom keeps it in a special place to show someone if she needs to.
The reason why Mom bought me this collar and tag is because she knew a dog that was killed once when a collar like this would have saved him. It was sad. My big sister Holly used to get her collar caught on a quilt all the time. One time she chewed her own collar off to escape. Mom was busy raising kids at the time and didn't know what to do but when I came along Mom searched on the internet and found this collar. I have had the one I wear for over three years.

Here you can see the whole thing. So, if you didn't get what you want for Christmas, go shopping and order yourself one. Use your Mom's charge card. It's in her purse.


Butchy & Snickers said...

Happy New Year Copper!!!!
Very nice collar too! Our Mama always worries about us getting caught on sometin too.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers
PS It is just snowing now here in Iowa, hehehehe!

hana said...

Copper, it is so good of you to put the word out there about the safe collars! I was thinking about asking all of the blogging dogs to tell a story about how something bad and unexpected happened with them and how to prevent it... that way we'd all learn and know what to watch out for. You must have read my mind.

Copper, I hope you have a happy new year!

Elizabeth K said...

Copper, that is a very good collar. We lost a very sweet doxie, Coco, last fall when her collar got caught on something while no one was home and she strangled.

Are you micro-chipped too in case you go exploring without your mom or collar? It isn't very expensive and doesn't seem to hurt--Lulu didn't make a peep.

Anonymous said...

Nice collar! Maybe Mom should buy us a couple of those!

Günter said...

Hi Copper, that seems to be a great collar! Maybe I can get a similar in Norway?!! I'm using this typical leather thing which I suppose is not so safe as the one you have...

Hope you will have a great 2007


Shannon said...

Thats the kind of collar that my cats wear. Katie gets a pink one which looks really good with her grey fur and Princess gets a red one which brings out the green in her eyes.