Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Prison ....

Ok, enough of the boring cotton. It's time for a new blog. I do not have much to blog about though because I have been in PRISON for TWO DAYS!

On Sunday, my Mom and Dad went to church like they usually do and when they came back they found I had .... yes .... tinkled on my blanket again. They leave me in the kitchen where there is a hard floor and I just can't help it, I tinkle on the blanket. Miss Cindy, my vet, says I have separation anxiety....whatever that is? I hate being in the kitchen and I hate Mommy leaving me, that's what I say! I think she should take me with her everywhere she goes like this Mom does.

So, after she got home from church, she took me to Petsmart! It was fun but it made me nervous. I rode in the cart some of the time. I got a new hollow bone and some treats and a harness for riding in the car and a big box! When we got home Mom put the big box together and it was a black cage. When I went in the cage, there was a yummy bone stuffed with treats but it was hard in there like the floors at Hershey's house and I couldn't get comfortable. Miss Cindy even came over and saw the black cage and told me it was not a cage but a bed! Huh!! It is not a bed! Beds are soft and warm and have covers. This is not soft or warm and it doesn't have covers.

So, yesterday and today I had to go in the cage (with the yummy bone) while Mom went to work. I can't tell you but I think I sat up the whole time because it is so hard in there. I just can't lay down in there. There was no blanket to tinkle on (or lay down on) so I had to hold it all day till Mom came home. I did thought and, it made Mom so happy! I don't get it, but I think I better get used to it because the cage is still here and Mom seems pretty happy about it. You all can all just imagine what the cage looks like because I am NOT going in there to get my picture made.

I don't know what we are having for Thanksgiving dinner Isabella because my Mom is a slacker and has not gotten anything yet. She says that it is because she has been busy hosting a dinner for 300 people at work, whatever that means, and has been too preoccupied to think about feeding me and Dad a turkey dinner. Plus it is sleeting here (yes .. sleet in NOVEMBER in Augusta, Georgia!) so Mom says she is not going to the grocery store tonight, Thanksgiving or not!

Last night Mom was talking to that silver box thing she has and I heard her say 'Hershey' a bunch of times. Then she put the silver box to my ear and I heard somebody say my name. So, I am not sure what's up. Hershey is not here and I do not hear his car. If he comes, he better watch out because there is a black cage here and he may have to go in it.


Isabella said...

Maybe your dad can surprise your mom and buy your whole Thanksgiving already cooked at your local grocry store deli. Linda had to do that one year when she was really busy with work. I hope that phone call means you are going to get a visit from Hershey- maybe he will bring you Thanksgiving dinner!
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

Aw Copper, congratulations... it sounds like you got your first crate! I have always had a plastic crate to sleep in and I love it now. It is my safe place. Straight away, it gave me some awesome den instincts that my humans were very happy with! It will do wonders for you, and soon you probably won't HAVE to go in... it will be your choice and you'll probably choose it! About half the week I ask my girl if I can sleep up on the bed with her and half the time I head into my crate. Keep on holding it and soon you'll have a nice blanky again!! Good luck!

JustMeCopper said...

Ronak, I have a really nice mesh travel crate and had a plastic one till I gave it to Hershey. I like to sleep in my mesh crate (with soft blankets) well enough. But one day when I wanted out of the mesh crate I clawed my way out and so now it is just a fancy bed. They fixed it (ordered a new cover) but they could not zip me in it during the day now because I would get out. That's why I had to go into the prison, to re-train me. I will try to be a good boy and maybe I will get my blankets back. I just want my Mom!

Anonymous said...

arrrhh.. everybody busy on the Thanksgiving.. i want a bite on the turkey too.. hv to show this to my boss..

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

My mom just got a large Turkey breast for Thanksgiving so I will probably get some. Even better- she's going to make me some of Sunshade's Turkey Parme Biscotti. I will do ANYTHING for that stuff. Yummmmm. I have always had a hard crate but mine is on the porch. I use it during the day and on nights I want to stay out (I don't sleep very well in the house). I chewed up all my crate pillows and blankies so now I just have straw which I love very much but drives mom nuts when I come in the house without shaking the straw off first (see my trail from door to livingroon- snort snort)


hana said...

Copper, sorry about your new prison. What if your parents let you out of your prison during the day, just like they did before, but they just took away your blankie so you couldn't tinkle on it?

About Thanksgiving, remember those chickens your mom brought home that she put in the refrigerator? If you still have them, maybe if you sit on them, they will hatch in time for tomorrow's meal and you can just pretend they are turkeys!

Anonymous said...

Hey Copper,

Think of the crate as the place to get away from it all. I LOVE my crate and go in there anytime my packmates are getting on my nerves. I know you don't have doggie packmates, but if the people get on your nerves, you can go in there and they can't get you--that's how the whole crate thing works.

We sometimes have to hang out in our crates just because the people don't want us bugging them--and my little brother Hamish still chews up shoes and stuff, so he has to hang out there when no one is hoe. And sometimes I have to because I keep clearing out the coat closet and there was the time I almost set the house on fire....

Anyway, remember that you'll probably always find cool stuff to eat and play with. And, even though it's nice to have soft blankies and stuff--you're no wimp and can handle a few hours "toughing" it out. I bet your mom feels bad after you've been in there all day and lets you do all kinds of stuff--am I right?


Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey Copper,

Give it time, I love my crate and I don't even have to go in it. Most of the time I can't because there is some foster in it. But I go in whenever I get a chance.

Oh and as a tip from my Mom to yours, my Mom gets old blankets, bath mats rugs whatever and puts them in the crates..then if there is a tinkling accident she just washes them and throws a different one in. For the Wookie Mom stuffed a pillow into a cardboard box. But she put tape all over the bottom so when he had an accident it would just wipe off the box.

We all love our crates (well except for Fanny), you can steal food and run to your crate and your Mom won't get down on her knees to take it away. tee hee.