Thursday, April 24, 2008

Do you like pink?

Peepol think us dogs are color blind .. at least that is what I have read. Well, little do they know, we see colors just fine thank you very much! Dogs, I ask you ... what color are these flowers? Yes, you're all right ... pink.

You would think pink is the only color flowers come in if you came to my little yard. I guess you can say my mother likes pink flowers. Just look at this rose bush in my yard! Pink everywhere. Mom says this rose bush makes her happy everytime she sees it. Me .. not so much.

Can you see me in the above picture? What is wrong with this woman? Taking a picture of flowers and not me?!

If you look very carefully, you can see a trash can down the street. I bet it has some cool smelling stuff in it. Mom was really excited to see how well the trash can showed up in her picture.

In my next entry I will show you more of my little yard.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper!
I love pink color!
All those roses are beautiful.
And I am sure those pictures would be better if you were in them!
Kisses and hugs


What beautiful roses but me agree with Lorenza that they would look better with you in them.

What's wrong with your Mommy? Why would she be happy to see a trash can in a picture with them flowers. Mommy can be so strange sometimes.

Lova ya Mona

Lady Kaos said...

We are jealous of your flowers. Nothing is growin g in our yard again. Mom and Dad gave up on grss, they're puttin in rock.